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Viewers Baffled After ESPN Broadcasts Corgi Racing On Main Channel

Viewers Baffled After ESPN Broadcasts Corgi Racing On Main Channel

ESPN brought the bizarre spectacle of corgi racing from Emerald Downs in Washington to their main channel after the MLS football

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

If you're one of those people who thinks that they could never get into watching sport on the TV, you might need to think again, because you probably didn't realise that corgi racing was a thing that you could watch.

Yes, adorably cute dogs racing off against each other down a race track in America.

Of course, anyone who knows anything about corgis probably knows they're not exactly thoroughbreds.

In fact, they're short-legged and - to be quite honest - incredibly silly.

Fortunately, that's what makes the racing so compelling, and definitely much cuter than watching the other sports you might see on ESPN such as Greco-Roman wrestling or mixed martial arts.

So, just after Major League Soccer finished on ESPN the other day, they took a massive sideways shift in direction to bring the corgi racing to their flagship channel.

Specifically, the 2021 Corgi Races staged at Emerald Downs in Auburn, Washington.

For those who like a flutter on the races, unfortunately that wasn't possible as the actual racing took place back in July.

Also, if you take a peek at some of the footage that people have been sharing, it would seem that it's absolutely impossible to pick a winner out of the field anyway.

One of them just veers off and runs straight off the track, and even the ones who win seem to do so in a pretty erratic fashion.

According to the Kent Reporter, the big winner out of the 72 dogs that took part in the contest, was Angus, from Auburn.

Fair play to him, being the quickest corgi out of 72 deserves a treat.

In total there were nine bizarre races on 25 July, taking place alongside a number of horse races throughout the day.

This is Angus' second title, surely making him the dog to beat in next year's running.

ESPN viewers were left baffled but ultimately overjoyed to witness the unusual event, with one person writing: "We have Corgi races on ESPN, the immediate left turn to the infield got me."

Another said: "So, ESPN is just showing corgi races now? I mean, thank you, but also why?"

A third wrote: "The only time I will watch ESPN is when they have corgi races on."

Tune in next year to discover whether Angus can defend his title.

Featured Image Credit: ESPN

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