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19-year-old bodybuilder who smashed Arnold Schwarzenegger's record has had incredible two year transformation

19-year-old bodybuilder who smashed Arnold Schwarzenegger's record has had incredible two year transformation

He's put an incredible amount of work in

The teenager who smashed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s long-held world record has incredible two-year body transformation.

Schwarzenegger made history back in 1969, when he won the Mr Universe title at just 20-years of age - making him the youngest ever person to earn himself ‘pro card’.

However, his record was broken by Anton Ratushnyi, who has won three National Physique Committee (NPC) titles in a row and picked up his pro card at just 19.

He picked up the NPC national division title in Texas at the weekend.

The pro card means he is no longer classed as an amateur.

He marked his win in post on his Instagram page, writing: "With overcoming lots of adversity over the last year, I can't stress enough how important it is to believe in yourself and stay true to yourself no matter what others think of you.

“I’m so glad that I decided to pursue my true passion and didn’t let negativity get to me. I took the risk to prep again and challenge myself mentally, physically, and emotionally to not just succeed in bodybuilding but grow as a person that would be worthy of inspiring this new generation.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is your new youngest IFBB Classic Pro and the overall Champion at NPC Nations 2023."

His post was soon flooded with well messages and congratulations, with one follower writing: “Congratulations dude, super pumped for you!”

Anton Ratushnyi showed off his incredible transformation in a post earlier this year.

And another posting: “Great job bro, been awesome watching this unfold.”

The teenage bodybuilder regularly posts updates about his training on Instagram, where followers can see the results of all his hard work.

In one recent post he showed off the huge changes to his body between the ages of 15 and 18.

As a younger teen, Ratushnyi has little muscle and is a pretty standard slim kid, but in the second shot taken three years on he’s an absolute unit with bulging muscles and hardly any body fat on display.

There’s just two years between these two shots.

In a further update, taken in 2021 - part way through his transformation - Ratushnyi is already bigger than most fellas out there, despite still being a teenager.

However, his dedication to his training and diet becomes even more impressive when it's compared to a more recent shot.

Although an absolute unit in both photos, in the more recent picture Ratushnyi has managed to pack on even more muscle with veins popping out all over the place. A bloody good effort, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@anton_swl

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