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Dana White shows off incredible body transformation after being told he had '10 years to live'

Dana White shows off incredible body transformation after being told he had '10 years to live'

Dana White is now the UFC CEO, and he's been hitting the gym like he's preparing to step into the octagon himself

Dana White has shown off his incredible body transformation after claiming to have been given '10 years to live'.

The UFC supremo is in great shape, and to be fair to him, it is probably something to do with how much of his time he spends hanging around with other people who are totally ripped.

But, you’ve got to put the hours in yourself if you want to make these things happen, and it looks like White has been hitting the gym like a ton of bricks.

In recent times, his UFC brand has been merged with the WWE wrestling brand, creating a newly formed company that is valued at around £17.3 billion.

That merge saw White made UFC CEO, but it seems as if the 54-year-old has still be making time to keep himself trim.

Dana White's fitness transformation is pretty remarkable.
Instagram/Dana White

White shared some pictures on social media, and to be honest, he looks quite a bit like he could still get into the octagon and cause someone a decent amount of trouble.

As well as a picture of his current shape, he also shared another picture from a few years ago, detailing his impressive weight loss, as well as muscle growth.

White wrote: “Left is March 17th 2017. Right is September 18th, 2023. F***IN NUTS!!!”

White’s transformation was sparked by his meeting with Gary Brecka, as well as his obsession with his own mortality.

We’re all fascinated by that sort of stuff, but apparently not as much as White was.

Brecka is a human biologist and an expert in mortality, and he ran some tests on White to attempt to find out when he could expect to die.

On the Action Junkies podcast in October last year, White said that he had his blood and DNA tested by Brecka, who then ran the numbers and came back.

White is now the UFC CEO.
Ethan Miller/Getty

Brecka’s company, 10X Health Systems, reportedly told him that he had just over 10 years to live if he didn’t change his ways. 10.4 years, to be precise.

White explained: “I connect with this guy, and they come in and they do my blood work and they scrape the insides of your cheeks to do your DNA,

“So, he calls me [and says] I'm going to come out personally and walk you through your blood work. He ends up coming out, he sits down for three and a half hours and goes through my blood work.

“I'm all f****ed up. Everything that can be bad can be possibly bad. He gave me 10.4 years to live'," White said.

“This was 16 weeks ago and he said to me ‘If you don't change these things, this is your life expectancy.’

“He told me everything that was wrong with me, s*** I hadn't even told my wife.

“And he says, ‘If you do everything I tell you to do for the next 10 weeks it will change your life.’

“I did everything he said to the letter, and I lost 30lbs.”

So, he started the incredibly intense fitness regime, as well as implementing the lifestyle changes Brecka wanted, and – you’d have to admit – it seems to be working pretty well.

Featured Image Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Image/Instagram/Dana White

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