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Boxing coach divides internet after letting 9 and 10-year-old spar until bleeding

Boxing coach divides internet after letting 9 and 10-year-old spar until bleeding

He posted a video where kids he was coaching were bleeding after sparring

Opinion has been split over a boxing coach who posted a video of two kids who had been sparring and had blood on their face.

Henry Ramirez posted a video to X, formerly known as Twitter, captioned 'straight dawg work' and showing two kids who appeared to have been sparring.

Wearing protective gear and boxing gloves, both children appeared to have blood on their face.

In the video someone could be heard saying: "These are nine and 10-year-old little boys, guess what? A little blood never hurt anybody.

"People are gonna think we're abusing kids over here, good work fellas, good work boys."

The boxing coach posted a video of the results of a sparring match between a nine and 10-year-old with blood on their faces.

Since being posted on social media there has been quite a reaction to the post as some supported the boxing coach and many others disagreed with what they were seeing.

One said it was 'cool you are promoting boxing for the youth' but argued that sparring at their age was 'not conductive to their learning of techniques and the sport'.

Several others said they were worried about the risk of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a brain disorder thought to be linked to blows to the head, saying that a child's developing brain 'shouldn't be taking shots to the head'.

His post soon went viral and many disagreed with his approach.

Someone else asked him why the kids weren't using headgear with nose guards, leading Ramirez to respond that 'some kids do use the nose bar some don't' and that he would 'leave up to fighter to decide'.

Some accused Ramirez of 'child abuse', with the boxing coach later posting that 'some dumb broad says she's reporting me'.

A lot of people didn't seem to approve of the video or his coaching methods, as many others said that the kids were too young to be striking each other in the head.

Ramirez hit back, writing: "According to some of Twitter boxing experts I should never have kids sparring just hitting the bag before taking them to compete ok.

The boxing coach responded to the criticism.

"Never will we take a kid to compete before proving himself in the gym and once in awhile that will mean a tough sparring session."

Some agreed with him, calling the amount of backlash he'd received 'insane', while the coach said 'a bloody nose means brain damage now smh'.

There were some who said that what the coach was doing 'builds character'.

Ramirez insisted that the kids he was coaching did everything 'under all the USA boxing guidelines'.

On the balance of things there were rather more people against the boxing coach's stance on the matter than supporting him.

LADbible has contacted Raincross Boxing Academy for comment.

Featured Image Credit: X/@HRamirezBoxing

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