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Mike Tyson explains why he used to cry before every one of his fights

Mike Tyson explains why he used to cry before every one of his fights

Former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson explained his attitude towards his opponents before every match.

Mike Tyson once explained how he has two sides to himself, and how he would bring one unassuming side out just before he'd step into the ring.

Even now, you couldn’t pay me enough money to step into the ring with Mike Tyson.

Widely considered to be one of the best fighters in the world, he built up a terrifying image with power punches that would drop some of the best boxers in his hay day.

Mike Tyson lands the knockout punch to the jaw of challenger Larry Holmes during fourth round of the World Heavyweight Championship.

Tyson is more than aware of this image and during an interview in 2020, the former heavyweight explained his attitude ahead of fighting.

And bizarrely enough, he revealed the much softer side to himself that not many were used to seeing.

The man who built an image of demolishing opponents with heavy blows to the body and face admitted he would be shedding tears ahead of it.

Sort of hard to believe, but the words came from Tyson himself.

While speaking to actor William Shatner on his Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson podcast, Tyson explained why.

“I always cry before I fight. I don’t know why, it is just who I am,” Tyson said. “I’m getting ready to change into somebody that I don’t like.”

Surprising Shatner, the former Star Trek actor insisted it was quite an illuminating statement from Iron Mike.

Tyson is more than aware of his terrifying image.
YouTube/Mike Tyson

Explaining why he didn’t like the fighter within himself, Tyson said this other side of him came with more than just fighting.

“He brought jealousy, envy, guilt, a lot of stuff, all the bad qualities,” Tyson continued.

He added that his critics would often define him completely by the persona he held in the ring and the person Shatner is speaking to now is not that same person.

The former champ did explain that that side of him was taught to 'cut off' due to the ego, and even now still occasionally comes out.

Those on social media seemed equally fascinated by Tyson’s answer with some likening him to a certain superhero who also had a more violent side to him.

“Mike is like Bruce Banner but when he boxes he’s becomes the Hulk... Hulk didn’t like Bruce because Bruce knew Hulk was dangerous,” one YouTuber commented.

“Mike Tyson is one of the most interesting conversationalists in history. This is profound,” added another.

“Mikes in a healthy state of mine, if you can sit there and identify a toxic trait of yourself that you don’t like, you’re learning and growing. Always respected this man,” commented another.

“This might actually be the most fascinating clip from a former professional athlete I've ever seen,” a fourth wrote.

Well, all I can say is I hope to never be on the receiving end of Mike Tyson’s other side when he gets loose and comes out.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Podcastn Out / Focus on Sport/Getty Images

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