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Football fan baffled as 'app tells him his team has scored 20 seconds before goal goes in'

Football fan baffled as 'app tells him his team has scored 20 seconds before goal goes in'

The Brazilian football fan was baffled after seemingly getting a notification for a goal that hadn't happened yet

Football fans have been left completely baffled after a fan shared a video that seems to defy the rules of time.

No, really. Check it out for yourself:

So, the incident took place at a game between Internacional and Coritiba in the Brazilian top flight, Série A.

The game was clearly a good one, with the visitors managing to squeak out with a 4-3 victory over the hosts.

There were goals galore, as well as late drama and even a red card, to boot.

However, one thing that was filmed from the stands seems to have captured people’s imagination most of all from yesterday’s game, and that’s because it defies belief.

A fan was filming the game, but also filmed the screen of his phone to show that he’d just had a notification about the goal that made the game 3-2.

The notification came through...

That might not seem like the most exciting video in the world, but it gets better when you take into account that the game’s fifth goal hadn’t actually been scored yet.

What’s more, in the background you can see the game continuing on, as the play builds up and leads to a shot, which goes in and makes the score 3-2.

Spooky stuff.

There are lots of theories about what could have happened here, including the idea that maybe there was a goal disallowed beforehand that came through as a notification, or something similar to that.

But despite all of that, there doesn’t seem to be any genuine consensus on what happened, so we’re all left guessing and wondering how this bizarre video came about.

One person posted: “Can someone explain to me HOW?”

The responses came flooding in.

“His stream is behind a bit,” one person suggested.

Another genius posited: “He’s quite far back in the stadium so would have seen the goal later than the people at the front. “

“They were showing the replay,” said a third.

Then, the goal went in.

OK, let’s get to some of the serious theories, shall we?

One theory goes: “Might of [sic] been a disallowed goal just before and takes bit of time for notifications to come up.”

“Goal was chalked off just before in the 83rd min I’m guessing,” theorised another.

“It’s easy,” said someone else.

“That’s not the goal being scored on the screen, the goal at the match he is at is the goal being scored after the one he is showing on the phone. Simples.”

The simple truth is, we’ll probably never know the truth.

There will be a logical explanation though, the man doesn't have an app that can predict the future.

Featured Image Credit: X/@gudolle7

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