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Conor McGregor leaves fans baffled with bizarre ‘caviar off my balls’ Wolf of Wall Street video

Conor McGregor leaves fans baffled with bizarre ‘caviar off my balls’ Wolf of Wall Street video

The UFC legend has seriously confused fans with one of his latest posts

Conor McGregor has seriously confused fans with his latest social media post.

In a video shared to his Twitter account, the UFC legend appears to have been visited by drug testers ahead of his return to the octagon.

But as with anything related to McGregor, it was never gonna be straightforward:

In the clip, the Notorious seems to be sitting on a yacht with a camera facing directly towards him.

"Thank you so much, man, God bless," he tells the tester.

Some of what he says is then pretty inaudible, if I'm honest, but one bit you can make out is a very vivid reference to his private parts.

He tells the tester: "Heidi, come and lick some caviar off my balls."

Now, for a lot of people that is enough to go on - I mean, if you know, you know - but for those at the back, McGregor is referencing a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street between detective Patrick Denham and Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jordan Belfort.

During the scene, Denham makes it clear that he's onto the dodgy broker, and refuses to take a bribe.

'I'm gonna have Heidi lick some caviar off my balls in the meantime'.
Paramount Pictures

As he leaves Belfort's yacht, he says: "I'm sure we'll be seeing each other real soon."

To which the crook replies: "I'm sure. Good luck on that subway ride home to your miserable, ugly f**king wives, I'm gonna have Heidi lick some caviar off my balls in the meantime."

Sharing the post, McGregor wrote: "Caviar off my balls."

One baffled fan said: "Here before it gets deleted."

It comes after a previous post where McGregor revealed he had been tested a couple of times while on board his boat.

"I was tested two separate times yesterday, and within an hour of each other," he wrote.

"Blood and urine. 3 samples of each were requested and given in both instances. They came aboard my yacht. I welcomed them. Gave them a can of @ForgedStout and a @ProperWhiskey. Life is good."

This follows the controversy that sparked between the UFC and USADA - the official drug testing agency in the US - over its treatment of McGregor.

When will McGregor be back in the UFC?
Thomas King/Sportsfile via Getty Images

The promotion is keen to have the Irishman back fighting as soon as possible, but USADA rules demand six months of clear tests before that can happen.

"The relationship between USADA and UFC became untenable given the statements made by UFC leaders and others questioning USADA’s principled stance that McGregor not be allowed to fight without being in the testing pool for at least six months,” USADA CEO Travis Tygart said.

Denying claims UFC tried to speed up the process, one of its execs, Hunter Campbell, said during a press conference: “Not a single person ever went to Usada and told them anything other than Conor McGregor would re-enter the program when he was healthy.

“And in doing so, we would require him to be in the program for six months; there would be no exception to the rule."

Featured Image Credit: X/@TheNotoriousMMA

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