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Real footage of the beach party from the Wolf of Wall Street shows how accurate the movie is

Real footage of the beach party from the Wolf of Wall Street shows how accurate the movie is

"Earn, spend, party"

Real footage of the beach party hosted by the Wolf of Wall Street himself shows how accurate the movie really is.

Most of us know at this point that the reality of the rise and fall of Jordan Belfort isn't exactly like Martin Scorcese filmed it.

As the late Tony Wilson once said, "When forced to pick between truth and legend, print the legend."

That being said, even Belfort's ex-wife Nadine Macaluso, portrayed by Margot Robbie in the film under the name Naomi Lapaglia, said there were some scenes that were bang on.

And in footage shared of a real-life beach party at Belfort's house, it's clear to see the similarities between that and the party scene in The Wolf of Wall Street.

The film version sees the fraudster standing on the balcony of a packed out Westhampton beach house and giving one of his famous pep talks.

To an eager crowd, he screams: "We're going to take this company into the f***ing stratosphere."

Similarly, in the real footage you can see Belfort stood on the balcony of his beachfront mansion and getting his guests riled up in similar fashion.

The famous beach party scene was pretty similar to real life.
Paramount Pictures

Okay, so he's not screaming as enthusiastically as Leonardo DiCaprio, and the quality of the recording is terrible - but the spirit and the setting are pretty damn close.

The clip was shared on the YouTube page Comp Guy, who wrote: "Here's the REAL Wolf of Wall Street Beach House party, from the summer of 1991.

"It was taken a few months BEFORE the infamous Forbes Magazine article."

They went on to explain that in 1990: "The Wolf hosts one of many of his parties at his Westhampton beach house. It is like a Great Gatsby party, where anyone good-looking can crash.

"Nadine and her companion drive up in a banana-yellow Ferrari. The Wolf is entranced."

The video description adds that someone began purposely masturbating in front of Nadine.

It adds: "Wolf Wife #1, Denise, breaks up the event and shoos Nadine away. She leaves the party.

"The Wolf keeps looking in New York for Nadine, until Thanksgiving, when he pays a mutual acquaintance, Ginger, to set up a date.

"The Wolf and Nadine have sex that same evening. A few months later, Denise finds out, and they are divorced."

They add that in 1991, Belfort threw this house party and at this point he and Macaluso were engaged.

Speaking of the 'masturbating' moment, the scene was depicted in graphic detail in the film, showing Jonah Hill performing the lewd act in the middle of a party.

And as is said in the YouTube description, this actually happened in real life, something which was confirmed by Macaluso in a recent TikTok video.

"So you guys have been asking how did I meet Jordan, the Wolf of Wall Street," she said.

Nadine said the incident terrified her.
Paramount Pictures

"Well, it's actually pretty similar to the movie. I was, I guess, 22 years old and modelling and my boyfriend at the time, said, 'You want to go to this party in Westhampton in this house on the beach?', and I was like, 'Sure'.

"And so we pulled up, and I remember walking into the house, and there were all these people acting really weird. Little did I know that they were all Quaaluded out, I had no idea."

Macaluso continued: "That scene where someone actually exposes himself to me was true. And I actually got terrified by that.

"I'm 22. And I said to my boyfriend at the time, 'We have to leave this party,' and we left right away."

Featured Image Credit: Comp Guy/YouTube/Paramount Pictures

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