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England fans left confused after Southgate pulls off ‘double bluff’ for Switzerland game

England fans left confused after Southgate pulls off ‘double bluff’ for Switzerland game

You got us, Southgate

England fans have been left confused after Gareth Southgate pulled off a ‘double bluff’ for the Switzerland game.

Before tonight’s (6 July) match kicked off, plenty of us were fooled into thinking the Three Lions would be switching their football play up.

Southgate’s side are playing their Euro 2024 quarterfinal in Dusseldorf after having had plenty of criticism for their performance so far in the tournament.

Score us a goal lads. (Carl Recine/Getty Images)
Score us a goal lads. (Carl Recine/Getty Images)

And earlier this week, some fans saw a glimmer of hope when it was said England would have a ‘radical’ change to its starting XI. During training, the team were spotted practicing a back three for the first time since getting to Germany.

Let’s be honest, we fell for it - we believed there was a chance Bukayo Saka would be switching over to the left with Kieran Trippier on the right and Kyle Walker, John Stones and Eric Konsa at the back.

Phil Foden even seemed to confirm ahead of kick-off that this new formation was to ‘match up’ with Switzerland’s shape. But it was all a rouse. We were pranked, fooled, tricked into thinking there would be a change this match.

Pretty soon into the match, it was evident that England are playing with the same formation that they have over the past few weeks of the Euros.

One user laughed on X: “Wait have we just mugged off the entire media and kept the same formation?” Well, either way, I for one feel like a right mug. Fill me up with tea why don’t you Southgate? You got me.

Many fans are baffled over this whole thing as users just left ‘Southgate’ with a laughing face emoji as one wrote: “The fact Tripper is on the left and Saka right is ridiculous.”

And of course, plenty are launching their criticism: “Don’t understand the wing backs when England have possession.

At least he's not banned. (Clive Mason/Getty Images)
At least he's not banned. (Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Trippier left and Saka right means you’re not solving your lack of natural width problem, you’re just pushing it up the pitch.”

One also put: “Gareth Southgate has the chance to do a very funny bit later and bring Luke Shaw on to play in any position other than left-back.”

Another slammed: “Southgate – ‘nah mate, we’re playing the Rt footedTrippier as Left back and the Lt footed Saka as Rt wing back….’

“Everyone; ‘Because’... Southgate; ‘Reasons….!’”

Well, back three or not, here’s hoping for some actual good football tonight. Come on England!

Featured Image Credit: Ina Fassbender/Getty / Marvin Ibo Guengoer - GES Sportfoto/Getty Images

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