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Gateshead football match abandoned after hearse drives onto pitch and 'spins circles'

Gateshead football match abandoned after hearse drives onto pitch and 'spins circles'

Two cars - including a hearse - drove onto the pitch during half time

A football match had to be cancelled at halftime after a hearse drove onto the pitch and started doing doughnuts. Not something you see every day, is it?

Gateshead were taking on Dunston UTS in a pre-season friendly at UTS Stadium yesterday (Friday 21 July) when two cars - including a hearse - drove onto the pitch and began to cause chaos.

The hearse arrived on the pitch followed by a silver car, where they both began driving ‘round in circles and chucking leaflets from the open windows, while shocked football fans watched on.

Blokes wearing masks then hopped out of the hearse and got into the other vehicle, which promptly left the pitch - leaving the empty hearse behind.

A hearse drove onto the pitch.

The match, unsurprisingly, was subsequently called-off, with Dunston UTS saying in a tweet: "Tonight’s match has been abandoned due to an incident at half-time."

Gateshead shared a similar statement, tweeting: “Due to an incident on the pitch occurring shortly after half-time, tonight’s match has been abandoned by the referee.”

A fan who was at the match told ChronicleLive: "It was half-time and the players were still on the pitch just doing some warm-ups when a silver car and a hearse came onto the pitch and started doing doughnuts.

"Two men jumped out of the hearse and people were saying they were armed. They then got into the silver car and they sped off.

"It was horrible to see. There were loads of kids in tears. It all happened so fast, in probably less than a minute.

"At first people were just watching what was happening but then people started running away. I heard people say they had guns and people were running for cover. I've never seen anything like it. I just hope everyone is okay."

Men wearing masks exited the hearse.

Northumbria police have said no one was reported to have been injured or threatened and they have launched an investigation.

A spokesperson added: “Disorder will not be tolerated in the community and anyone found to be involved will be dealt with robustly.

“While inquiries are at an early stage, it is believed that those involved are known to each other and there was no wider risk to the public.

“We are also aware that images and videos of the disturbance are being circulated on social media.

“Members of the public are urged not to speculate and are encouraged to share any footage with police to assist the investigation.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@____B17____

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