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Fans are saying KSI should've been disqualified from Tommy Fury fight after reviewing footage

Fans are saying KSI should've been disqualified from Tommy Fury fight after reviewing footage

Eagle-eyed viewers claim they spotted KSI striking the back of Fury's head at least six times

The dust still hasn't settled following Saturday's showdown between KSI and Tommy Fury.

The warring pair battled it out in front of thousands of fans at Manchester's AO arena and the ex-Love Island star took home the crown.

This came much to the disappointment of KSI, who later threw quite the tantrum while live on stage with pundits.

The pair went head-to-head on Saturday (14 October).
Matt McNulty/Getty Images

The YouTuber, known as 'The Nightmare' in the ring, had complained that Fury struck the back of his head during the first round.

His competitor had a point deducted for the illegal jab, but still managed to clinch the win with a unanimous decision.

However, boxing fans - who have now had time to review the nail-biting footage - have suggested that KSI was the one who should have been reprimanded.

Eagle-eyed viewers claim to have spotted that the Prime co-owner was also bashing Fury on the back of the head.

KSI appeared to deliver a number of blows to the back of Tommy Fury's head.

Footage from the opening seconds of round one shows KSI throwing a punch which struck the rear of his head while they grappled against the ropes.

Further video from the second round then shows him sporadically firing shots at Fury in the centre of the ring.

While locked onto his rival's left arm, KSI delivers a string of powerful digs into the professional boxer's ribs with his right hand.

But as Fury attempts to protect his abdomen, KSI then appears to deliver six powerful blows to the back of his head in the space of seven seconds.

The referee appears to be taking more notice of the duo's footwork rather than the numerous punches flying.

Fans have now insisted that KSI should have been disqualified for his persistent rabbit punches that weren't called out.

Fans claim the YouTuber should have been disqualified for the illegal punches.

Taking to X, one disappointed viewer wrote: "KSI should have been disqualified, six back of the head shots."

Another said: "This is KSI hitting Tommy on the back of the head THE FIRST 10 seconds of the fight. This is the guy who talked s**t to Jake for months for not beating a pro boxer."

A third added: "If anything this just shows us KSI got away with multiple behind the head punches in rapid succession."

And a fourth said: "For EVERYONE saying that Tommy is a dirty cheat for hitting KSI at the back of the head.

"What’s this then?? He hit him behind the head more than Tommy did! Absolute disgrace."

KSI branded his loss 'a robbery' and vowed to 'appeal' the decision.

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