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KSI v Tommy Fury event to have ‘surprise fight’ added after fighter is ‘arrested’

KSI v Tommy Fury event to have ‘surprise fight’ added after fighter is ‘arrested’

There's been a late wrench thrown into the works of the fight

There's going to be a 'surprise fight' as part of KSI's bout with Tommy Fury tomorrow (14 October) night.

Don't worry gang, if you're worried that the headline fight of KSI vs Fury is in jeopardy you've got nothing to worry about, that's still going ahead.

The problem they've run into here is that one of the fighters on an undercard bout is 'off' according to Misfits Boxing's Mams Taylor.

The main fights on the night are KSI vs Tommy Fury and Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis.

Meanwhile, the main undercard will be fights between Salt Papi vs Slim Albaher, Deen the Great vs Walid Sharks, King Kenny vs Anthony Taylor, Whindersson Nunes vs My Mate and Wassabi LMAO vs Los Pineda Coladas.

Don't worry, KSI and Tommy Fury are still going to get the chance to knock seven shades of s**t out of each other.
Ben Roberts Photo/Getty Images

Then there's the prelim undercards which were supposed to be Chase DeMoor vs Tempo Arts, Astrid Wett vs Alexia Grace, S-X vs DTG and the Swarmz vs Ryan Taylor rematch.

However, that last one is not happening after Ryan Taylor appeared to get arrested.

Taylor later posted a series of videos on social media, including one called 'I Got arrested in London' and another one to Instagram where he confirmed that the fight was off.

Swarmz had won their first fight by TKO in the first round, but any chance of a rematch is not on the cards tomorrow.

Taylor took to social media yesterday to declare he didn't pull out of the fight against Swarmz, writing: "I would NEVER pull out! Especially Swarmz.

"This of issues that have happened and now I’m a fat f*k. Weigh myself and I am 84KG that’s almost 11kg over my fight weight I f**ked it. Been in a cell since Sunday fumingggggg.

"I’m released on pending investigation. I told the organisation that this is the case and it’s too much risk for them I respect the decision. But now it’s real. I’m Fuminggggggggg.

KSI will still get his fight, but the undercard rematch between Swarmz and Ryan Taylor is off.
Ben Roberts Photo/Getty Images

"Ok I’m overweight. And out of jail. But I still trained to fight on this event. If Dylan got no opponent after throwing that mic I’ll fight him. F**k it. Or it’s just me and Bryce when we see each other as he agreed."

It's safe to say that Swarmz was less that impressed with the news that plans were changing.

He took to social media and wrote: "Ryan Taylor is a pussy. I exposed this man he's a wet wipe.

"Why only now you go and get arrested lool. I want you to prove you got arrested this sounds like the same excuses you used in our first fight."

"You're not ready for youtube boxing QUIT NOW... TIMEWASTER!!!!"

Mams Taylor said that 'a surprise fight is being worked on' and has since announced that Swarmz will instead face Ed Matthews, so all that preparation won't go to waste.

The news comes after Dillon Danis claimed Logan Paul 'missed weight' for their bout after he was reportedly late for his weigh-in.

He went on to claim Paul managed to get the deadline extended by an hour, and hit out as his 'special treatment'.

While Jake Paul hinted he could step in if his brother needed, for now it looks like the original fight is still on.

Featured Image Credit: Ben Roberts Photo/Getty Images

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