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Player whips out an UNO Reverse card after he’s given a yellow card by the referee

Player whips out an UNO Reverse card after he’s given a yellow card by the referee

People couldn't believe their eyes when ex-Premier League ref Mark Clattenburg got a taste of his own medicine.

When you're playing sport, you're at the mercy of the referee.

If you give them attitude then you best believe that penalties might not go your way or the rest of the game for that matter.

Referees are incredible people because they have to seemingly have eyes on every aspect of play and not only have players yell at them but also the adoring fans in the stands.

However, one ref has been given a taste of his own medicine during the annual Sidemen Charity Match at a sold-out London Stadium.

Sidemen FC is a team created by the Sidemen YouTube group for their charity football matches.

The group consists of huge internet stars like KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga and Vikkstar123.

They were joined by the likes of MrBeast, Wrotoshaw, angryginge13 and Randolph for the epic game.

The team went up against the YouTube All-Stars, who consisted of JiDion, IShowSpeed, Jacksepticeye, Kai Cenat, Max Fosh and others.

They went to battle over the weekend and it was a hard fought game that produced loads of amazing moments.

However, the one that has gone truly viral is when Fosh was given a yellow card after a foul on online star Simon Minter in the 77th minute.

While most players would just cop the yellow and be cautious for the rest of the game, Max decided to do something a bit different.

He whipped out an UNO reverse card and showed it to ex-Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg.

People couldn't believe the savagery of the moment and raced to social media to give their thoughts.

One person wrote: "Epic comedy."

Another added: "Max Fosh just Uno-Reversed Mark Clattenburg for a yellow card and it worked, what am I watching."

A third said: "Max Fosh receiving a yellow card and then holding up a Uno reverse card to the ref is god-tier banter ngl."

The game eventually ended 8-5 with Sidemen FC winning the match.

Millions of people tuned in to watch the match on a YouTube stream and it seems like it has done wonders for raising money for charity.

A whopping £2.4 million was donated, according to SPORTbible, and will be donated to multiple charities.

Featured Image Credit: Sidemen FC/YouTube

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