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Spanish FA President faces calls to resign for kissing World Cup player on the lips

Spanish FA President faces calls to resign for kissing World Cup player on the lips

After Sunday's final, Luis Rubiales grabbed a player's head and kissed her on the lips.

Spanish FA President Luis Rubiales is facing calls to resign after he kissed a player on the lips at the Women's World Cup final.

Rubiales grabbed midfielder Jenni Hermoso's head and kissed her on the lips as she made her way to the podium to collect her medal after Spain's 1-0 win over England on Sunday.

During an interview after the post-match celebration, Hermoso said she 'didn't like' the kiss.

Yesterday, Rubiales apologised for his behaviour.

"Surely I was wrong, I have to admit," Rubiales said in a video statement sent by the federation. "It was without bad faith at a time of maximum effusiveness."

Angel Perez Meca/Europa Press via Getty Images

However, officials in Spain say his apology is not enough and are calling on him to step down as President of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

Spain's acting prime minister Pedro Sanchez said on Tuesday that Rubiales' apology for kissing Hermoso 'wasn't adequate'.

"It shows that in our country there's a long way to go in terms of equality and respect between men and women," Sanchez told reporters. "What we saw was an unacceptable gesture."

He continued: "I think the apology Mr. Rubiales has given wasn't sufficient, I'd say it wasn't adequate, and Mr. Rubiales should keep taking further steps... The RFEF isn't a part of the Spanish government.

"The president is chosen or removed by [the federation's] members. Mr Rubiales must take further steps to clarify a behaviour which is clearly unacceptable. His apology must be more clear and more convincing."

Spain's acting second deputy prime minister, Yolanda Diaz, has also called for Rubiales to resign.

"Our most resounding condemnation for what we saw," Diaz said on social media. "Nothing more and nothing less, a woman has been harassed and assaulted.

She continued: "His [Rubiales'] excuses are useless. What we ask is for the sports law to be applied and for the Sport's federation protocols to be activated. This person should resign."

Spain's Association for Women in Professional Sports (AMDP) also said Rubiales had demonstrated a 'lack of decorum, irresponsibility and indecency'.

The Association said Rubiales either needed to undergo training or resign.

The RFEF has since announced that it will hold an emergency Extraordinary General Assembly on Friday to discuss the issue.

"Based on the latest events that took place during the award ceremony of the Women's World Cup won by the Spanish National Team last Sunday in Sydney, the Federation wishes to inform that the internal proceedings of the Federation regarding Integrity issues are open, as well as the rest of the applicable protocols," the statement read.

Featured Image Credit: BBC. Alex Pantling - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

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