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Brits baffled after spotting feature in Super Bowl that we’d never see in UK football

Brits baffled after spotting feature in Super Bowl that we’d never see in UK football

You wouldn't get that sort of malarkey in the Premier League

The Super Bowl is getting more and more popular in the UK, with plenty of Brits staying up overnight to watch it.

Even those who aren't really into American football might stick it on for the novelty and accept they're going to be a bit bleary-eyed heading into work the next morning.

Others tune in just for the adverts and trailers so they can be front of the queue to see Hugh Jackman preparing to slice Ryan Reynolds into little pieces.

Whatever the reason, the Super Bowl has become a decently watched event beyond the shores of the US, but that doesn't mean there aren't still things about it which seem utterly baffling.

The Super Bowl is already quite saturated by celebrities, but the appearance of one famous figure really had Brits quite confused during the game.

If you tried to get a bunch of football fans to repeat after Dora the Explorer you'd probably get a rude response.

Anyone watching CBS coverage of the Super Bowl will have seen childrens' animated characters popping up to explain certain rules at various times.

At one point during a holding call Dora the Explorer popped up to explain the referee's decision, and it was just a bit weird really.

Sometimes in the UK the commentators will go to a referee to explain a ruling that's just been made on the pitch, but nobody's asking Thomas the Tank Engine to explain the offside rule.

Naturally this was met with both derision and confusion from British viewers, who seemingly don't want to see this anywhere near their beautiful game.

One viewer wondered how anyone could have 'the nerve to call this bulls**t real football', while another just shared that one Krusty the Clown GIF where he says: "What the hell was that?"

A West Ham fan said the 'TV's coming off the wall' if they'd been watching their recent 6-0 demolition at the hands (or perhaps feet) of Arsenal and Dora the Explorer popped up to patronise them.

In fairness there are some commentators who are about as welcome as Dora the Explorer.

Over here there have been conversations on whether football should be a bit more American and get a bit more showbiz.

Bigger pre-match events, bigger halftime shows and all the other various bells and whistles which some Super Bowl viewers would prefer to see over the sport itself.

Judging by the reactions to this particular feature it's safe to say that Brits would prefer not to see it included in football.

"Can you f**king imagine this kind of s**t in football?" summed up one particularly disgruntled fan.

"If I saw Peppa Pig explaining why Raheem Sterling’s goal against Tottenham in the UCL was disallowed I’d have booted my TV into f**king oblivion."

Featured Image Credit: CBS

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