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Sprite brings back flavour from the early 2000s

Sprite brings back flavour from the early 2000s

Fizzy drink lovers have been paying astonishing amounts for the flavour

Sprite has brought back a popular discontinued flavour in what is a nice nod to the early 2000s era of fizzy drinks.

Of course, we can look back on things in the past with rose-tinted glasses, and often don't find the same enjoyment in the current day.

Sprite will hope that wont be the case for its newest flavour, or should I say old returning flavour, with the come back of Sprite Tropical Mix.

The beverage was originally known as Tropical Sprite Remix in the early 2000s, and was shelved in 2005.

But The Coca-Cola Company has decided to bring it back, offering fizzy drink lovers a taste of nostalgia.

While the new drink has a different name compared to its predecessor, it is said to be very similar with a lemon-lime flavour base alongside hints of strawberry and pineapple.

A Sprite fan-favourite is returning.
Brandon Williams / Stringer / Getty Images

A description for Tropical Mix on the Sprite website reads: "An ode to our past for all the Sprite Remix fans from the early 2000s.

"Rediscover the combination of the crisp, familiar Sprite lemon-lime taste with delicious strawberry and pineapple flavours."

So, you are probably all on board with taking a trip down memory lane or perhaps trying the fizzy drink flavour for the very first time.

However, trying to get your hands on the returning Sprite flavour is not as easy as heading down to the local supermarket or corner shop and picking it up.

This is because, especially in the UK, the drink is not readily available and you'll have to spend more than you normally would on a bottle of pop.

A 24-pack of 20oz bottles was available on Amazon for £45, though the multi-pack quickly sold out.

The new flavour is costing fizzy drink lovers move than the standard bottle of pop.

Now, you can pick up just a single bottle for anywhere between £5 and £7 on a few different sites, while some of are even selling for as high as £20 a bottle on eBay - madness!

As the drink is so hard to find in the US, some of these come packaged with mad postage fees to the point where just a single drink is costing close to £40.

Those who have got their hands on the drink have flocked to social media to give their thoughts on the returning flavour.

One person wrote: "The flavour isn't overwhelming. You still get the sprite taste too. It's a good combination. Try this Sprite you will like it."

While a second Twitter user simply added: "That tropical mix sprite be hittin’."

Featured Image Credit: Phillip Faraone / NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty Images

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