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Supernanny viewers in tears as kid says parents are 'too busy' for her

Supernanny viewers in tears as kid says parents are 'too busy' for her

A particularly sad episode of Supernanny USA brings viewers to tears as a toddler thinks her parents are too busy for her.

Supernanny USA has been an amazing show for those who are fans of Jo Frost and her no-nonsense approach to parenting, be it telling off parents or children.

Airing its final episode ever on the 22 September 2020, Supernanny USA was a gripping watch for those who were interested in the lives of those who couldn’t cope with their children, with many viewers relating to the struggles of the families shown.

But during the last season, the Braido family brought many who watched to tears with the sad confession by four-year-old Rylie.

Parents to four youngsters, eldest Rylie, two-year-old Gage and five-month-old identical twins Chase and Dax, it was clear that they were struggling to keep up with the demands of parenthood.

Jessica and CJ had been struggling to cope with their children and had taken to using babysitting devices as a way to give them some time and space for themselves.

Riley spoke to Jo about her parents.
Channel 4

However, during the show, it was clear that something just wasn’t working.

During a touching moment on the show, the couple's eldest child Rylie, confided in Frost that neither of her parents had the time to spend with her.

In the sad moment between toddler and Frost, there seemed to be something bothering Rylie.

When Jo tells Rylie to go and ask her mummy to play with her, she instantly responds that her parents are busy.

In the short by devastating exchange, chewing gum, Rylie says: "Mummy is busy."

Jo tries again, this time suggesting: "Ah, OK. What about daddy?"

"Daddy's busy too," says Rylie, quietly.

Speaking to the camera, Jo then says: "Rylie has clearly got the message that her parents can't make time for her."

The little girl’s honesty stunned Frost and viewers alike, with many taking to social media to share how upset the short scene made them.

One viewer wrote online: "'They are both busy.' Bless her."

The parents were struggling to cope.
Channel 4

Another commented: "That was heartbreaking... and I don't even have children!"

Others were understanding of the parents' situation and praised them for actually trying to improve by asking for Supernanny’s help.

Defending them, one person wrote: "Here's why they're not s*** parents....they actually care about the fact that they are doing it wrong and want to change. It takes a lot of courage to admit you need help with parenting...especially with all these keyboard warriors on good old twitter...#SupernannyUSA."

Frost also took to Twitter to thank fans for tuning in, she wrote: "Hello UK.... I'm feeling all emotional..Thank YOU for the love! It truly means the world to me, I love helping families and it is so wonderful to FINALLY have this here back home for you all to watch."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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