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The Swedish House Mafia drop at Creamfields that caused £4 million in damages

The Swedish House Mafia drop at Creamfields that caused £4 million in damages

The trio are returning for the first time since the explosive drop next year.

Swedish House Mafia have just been announced as headliners for Creamfields North 2023, which has got a lot of people reflecting on their antics at the event back in 2019.

Specifically, a drop involving a lot of fire that looks like something straight out of Woodstock 99 - and it cost a whopping £4 million in damages.

Footage of the fiery drop was recently reposted to TikTok following the announcement about the band's headlining slot, and people had a lot to say about it.

Reacting to the footage, one TikTok user wrote: "Was at the front this was the reason I'm now bald."

"Nearly lost my eyebrows in that crowd," added a second, who harbouring no bad feelings about the drop added: "Best night of my life."

A third shared: "People at the front of this all ran back from the heat. Was actually scary! I was right at the front."

"How my living room looks after bringing out the Ikea tea lights," joked a fourth while a fifth remarked: "That was a goooood show. The heat was felt all the way at the back."

"Did the load out for all the video screens," revealed a sixth viewer, who claimed to have worked at the event. "They was all melted to hell. Three or four trucks loads of broken kit."

Swedish House Mafia are making their Creamfields return in 2023.
TikTok / @ravingreviews

As reported by NME, the band's upcoming slot will be their first at the festival since they caused millions worth of damages in 2019.

This is because the performance, which required the stage to be closed for a full day to set up, permanently destroyed the stage's LED screens.

The £4 million worth of damages number came from a crew member who allegedly revealed the level of destruction while on a visit to a tattoo parlour, Your EDM reports.

Creamfields themselves announced that the band would be playing in 2023 on Twitter, writing: "Just Announced! @swedishousemfia confirmed for a SOLD OUT Creamfields North 2023, Sunday 27th August. #CreamfieldsNorth #Creamfields2023."

The band's upcoming performance is set to be another explosive one (but hopefully a less expensive one) as they released their album, Paradise Again, in April.

According to NME, the album 'sees the trio flexing their musical and emotional muscles across 17 brilliant, fearless and often surprising tracks.'

However, if you're looking to get tickets for Creamfields 2023, then we're afraid you're most likely out of luck as the event is already sold out.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/RavingReviews

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