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Baggage handler CEO responds to 'disgusting' video of staff throwing around luggage

Baggage handler CEO responds to 'disgusting' video of staff throwing around luggage

Viewers were outraged by the viral TikTok showing two baggage handlers throwing around flyer's belongings

A baggage handler CEO has responded to the 'disgusting' viral video showing staff members throwing and mishandling passenger's luggage.

Viewers were shocked by the viral TikTok video, which did the rounds on social media last week, and have probably developed some serious trust issues with those who handle their luggage. Take a look below:

The idea that your suitcase sits on a conveyor belt like a plate of sushi seems to be pretty far from the truth.

As shown in the clip above, these two baggage handlers in Australia are, quite literally, launching suitcases for a Qantas flight onto the conveyor belt - with some baggage actually missing the belt entirely.

Since the video emerged, a Qantas spokesperson has said: "The behaviour in this video is clearly not acceptable, and our contracted ground handler is conducting an urgent investigation."

Swissport happens to be the company that Qantas contracts for ground handling at the Melbourne airport.

The spokesperson said: “Swissport trains and manages all staff to handle customer possessions with care and diligence.

“The actions of staff in the video appear to have contravened those service level standards. As a result, the staff in question have been stood down pending an urgent investigation.”

The baggage handlers' behaviour has been branded 'a disgrace'.

And now, the CEO of Swissport Australia has addressed the situation.

A staff note from Swissport Australia CEO Brad Moore, obtained by, reads: “It is with regret that I advise that evidence has emerged today of Swissport Staff handling customer luggage in an unacceptable manner.

“Our 3000 strong team across the network work hard to ensure these standards are upheld, and it is important that when those standards are breached by a small group of individuals that we take action.

“The behaviours in the video let all of us down – most importantly our frontline staff who have worked so hard through (Covid) to assure quality standards in at times challenging circumstances.

“Disrespectful behaviour to our customer luggage and personal effects will not be tolerated and will result in serious disciplinary action.

“The individuals in the video have been stood down pending urgent investigation.

“Since the video was released, I have received many messages from team members across the network, sharing these concerns and equally voicing their commitment to our Safety and Service standards.

"We cannot allow the actions of a very small minority to undermine the first class standards of the many.”

The CEO of Swissport has responded to the 'disgusting' footage.

Of course, regardless of the responses, people have been outraged by the footage, with one commenting: "They should be terminated on the spot."

"People pay soooo much money for their flights and trust that our property isn’t being intentionally damaged when we don't have it with us," another wrote.

While a third commented: "It would actually take more effort to lift it and throw it with force, rather than just put in on the conveyer. If they don’t like it, find another job."

Featured Image Credit: @rexross79/TikTok

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