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Tattoo artist shows off freckles she inked on customer who travelled 900 miles for them

Tattoo artist shows off freckles she inked on customer who travelled 900 miles for them

An Australian tattoo artist has gone viral after posting a video on TikTok of a freckle tattoo she inked on a client.

An Australian tattoo artist has gone viral on social media after she released a video of her tattooing freckles onto a customer's face. Watch the TikTok video here:

Shockingly, the client, Michaela, travelled 900 miles for the inked freckles appointment.

Brisbane-based artist Daisy Lovesick revealed the freckle tattoo on her now-viral TikTok account earlier this month.

In the video she even designed a mini heart-shaped freckle to add to her new face ink.

Daisy included shots of Michaela before the tattoo, which shows the client already having a few natural freckles.

The tattoo artist also said it was agreed with Michaela that they would go for 'medium coverage freckles'.

Daisy explained the full process of inking the freckles in the video: "I always map my freckles with my clients sitting up and I have them go and look in the mirror to check that they're happy before we get started."

She added: ''I get my clients to smile, make faces, talk, watch themselves in the mirror and make sure everything is lining up with their vision."

The tattoo artist then began the ink work once Michaela was satisfied with the tattoo, as there was no going back from there.

Daisy pulled out the camera straight after the tattoo had been completed, in which she describes the skin as 'angry, angry skin'.

Client Michaela before the freckle tattoo

You straight away notice Michaela's skin is very red and swollen, but Daisy adds that this is normal and will often die down after an hour.

She said: "A lot of the times the freckles are gonna look like this right after they're done."

My clients are fully prepared that this is what they're going to walk out of the studio looking like."

Daisy continues: ''I am so absolutely obsessed with how these freckles came out. I am so, so happy, I especially love all those gorgeous one across the nose.''

While Daisy may be elated with her handiwork, some TikTok users were horrified by the outcome of Michaela's new ink.

"Goodness .. why," one simply said.

A second commenter added: "I would pay to remove my freckles, I guess the grass is always greener on the other side."

Meanwhile, a third user said: "BRO NO BC I THOUGHT THAT WAS MONKEYPOX."

However, a good comment came from the client, Michaela, who said: "ITS MEEE hahaha I am so in love with these thank you so so so much"

Creator Daisy also said in the comments she has other videos on her channel which showcase inked freckles healed, which are looking a lot better.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@daisylovesick

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