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Amazon Prime Video hack after subscribers fume at 'flooded' homepage

Amazon Prime Video hack after subscribers fume at 'flooded' homepage

Some people have had enough with the user experience

Whether it's Netflix, Disney+, or Prime Video, the growth of streaming platforms has revolutionised how we consume content.

But they've not been in everyone's good books in recent months. It follows a pattern of price rises and adverts being introduced - although you can save hundreds if you've clever about it and follow our handy guide.

Over on Prime Video, adverts have been introduced and it'll cost you an extra £2.99 a month to get rid of them. It's not gone down well, you could say.

Well, another complaint has now been lodged by some users of the Prime Video app.

It's proven to be a popular in the United Kingdom, with 12.4 million subs in the fourth quarter of last year. Who doesn't love The Boys or Clarkson's Farm?

The complaint here isn't about the content. No, it's about what we're looking at when we log in.

Prime Video offers you the chance to add other subs to your account, including Paramount+, Lionsgate+, Hayu, Shudder, and BritBox.

But subscribers aren't happy with this being among the first things they see.

The Prime Video app.
Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Over on Reddit, one subscriber posted about their homepage being full of other content to subscribe to; films to download and buy; or other free services.

They said: "I pay $140 (£110) a year for Prime, I'm not paying for no ads - which still won't get rid of this problem.

"I hate seeing 'watch on Freevee' because A) I'm not watching movies with commercials and B) My Samsung can't install Freevee anyway.

"There seems no way to turn this off, remove Freevee content or yellow paid content.


Thankfully for them, there is most definitely a way to do this as flagged by tech-savvy Prime Video subscribers.

Prime Video on a smart TV.
Nikos Pekiaridis/NurPhoto via Getty Images

One Reddit user responded: "Just scroll down a few inches and tap/click the blue Prime icon under 'My Subscriptions'."

Another said: "Clicking the blue Prime Video icon should open up a new page, filtered to only show Prime content. It’s the same if you subscribe to any of the channels (like Britbox, AMC+, MAX, etc) and click their icons.

"If it is NOT opening a new page, than you most likely are seeing a glitch. You’ll need to delete the Prime Video app from your device, make sure your device is fully updated, and then reinstall the Prime Video app."

"This is the first useful thing that I've learned from Reddit in months," commented someone else.

It does indeed work, with this author checking his own Prime Video app to make sure.

LADbible has contacted Amazon for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images/Nikos Pekiaridis/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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