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People point out concerns as Apple Watch introduces new 'double tap' feature

People point out concerns as Apple Watch introduces new 'double tap' feature

Apple Watch Series 9 has a bunch of new features but it's the 'double tap' that has many concerned

September can only mean one thing, right? It's Apple release season, as the tech giant announces its new lineup of toys.

Tim Cook and co kicked off this year's Apple Wonderlust event with the Apple Watch - and in particular Series 9 of the popular fitness device.

While the main focus may be on the new iPhone 15 for the majority of viewers, Apple provided a deep dive into the new generation of Apple Watch.

The tech firm announced Apple Watch Series 9 can process data on the device itself, while Siri should perform faster as it doesn't have to send requests to the cloud.

The Series 9.

Siri will also be on hand to answer health-related questions, like how to get more sleep when you're lying there at night struggling to drift off.

Among the vamped-up features are new integrations between the Apple Watch and HomePod that will make it possible to see media playing on your device while it sits on your wrist.

But perhaps the most talked about feature in the new lineup of Apple Watches is the new double tap component.

A new Apple Watch feature has people talking.

By simply tapping your index finger and thumb together twice, users will be able to perform a bunch of tasks such as answering a call on your watch.

Basically, the new feature is designed to make it easier to use your Apple Watch without having to use your other hand.

While it may sound pretty handy, many people on the internet have pointed out some of their concerns when it comes to the double tap feature.

Many have voiced concerns over double tap.

Taking to X - formerly Twitter - one viewer wrote: "Double tap is cool, but also feel like my hand would feel nauseated from it (like how ur pinky feels terrible after holding a phone for a while). But still very practical and cool!! Interested to see what the accidental trigger rate is!! Very excited about this watch."

Meanwhile, a second added: "Double tap has me concerned about accidental taps or activating calls etc. Think of the problems you have with a button accidentally activating.. I hope they tested this problem / concern aggressively."

However, others on social media voiced their excitement at the feature.

"Pretty awesome! Technology at its finest," one person penned on X.

Meanwhile, a second remarked: "Pretty damn sweet and similar to visionOS gestures."

The Series 9 starts at $399, with pre-orders open now ahead of a 22 September release date.

Featured Image Credit: Apple

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