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iPhone 15 users can’t believe how amazing the camera has become

iPhone 15 users can’t believe how amazing the camera has become

The new features are blowing customers away.

The iPhone 15 has been out for a few weeks now and people who were lucky enough to to snap up the new device have been playing around with the features.

While the phone comes packed with loads of stuff that's better than its predecessor, many customers have been praising the camera.

The iPhone 15 has one difference compared to the Pro and Pro Max when it comes to the camera system.

While all three boast super-high resolution of 24 megapixels and 48 megapixels, as well as next-generation portraits with focus and depth control, the regular 15 has a dual-camera while the Pro and Pro Max has three (main, ultra wide and telephoto).

It seems like the quality in images that people have been capturing and posting on social media is second-to-none.

One person wrote: "iPhone 15 pro camera is actually crazy asl. No filters."

Another added: "iPhone 15 Pro camera goes hard."

A third showed off the incredible zoom feature on both images and videos as they filmed a shipping container from the shoreline.

The next-generation portrait technology is freakishly good.

Previous iPhones would have to take photos in Portrait mode to be able to enjoy the depth of field effect.

If you didn't choose that option before you took the image and wanted to do it in post-production then tough luck.

However, the iPhone 15 allows you to select what the focus is on the image and will blur out the rest as much as you wish.

You can also play around with the different effects that Apple has released to get the most crisp, clean and clear image imaginable.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have the longest optical zoom ever made for iPhone.

It features a 3x Telephoto camera at 77 mm, and iPhone 15 Pro Max goes further with an all-new 5x telephoto camera at 120 mm focal length.

That is perfect for close-ups, wildlife shots, and sports action.

Their cinematic function also allows you to capture all that content without needing a gimbal.

You might have filmed something incredible, but all those shakes, bumps and breaths might have affected the footage.

Cinematic mode gets rid of all that noise and you get to enjoy that moment as if it was filmed on a Hollywood camera.

Featured Image Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. Twitter/X/@Gregvlas2

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