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Apple warns iPhone users about 'dangerous act' that millions of us do

Apple warns iPhone users about 'dangerous act' that millions of us do

It poses a dangerous risk

A new warning has been issued by iPhone manufacturer Apple, with injury to your body a risk if you don't listen.

It's not a new phenomenon for safety warnings to be issued by tech makers; after all, accidents can happen and they have to respond accordingly to issues that maybe weren't anticipated.

Others also issue warnings over the devices we use, with firefighters issuing a stern warning when it comes to charging up your laptop, phone or other device.

Experts have also given their two cents, explaining why you're actually harming your devices by leaving them plugged in for extended periods of time.

Now, a TikTok tech expert has posted about an Apple iPhone warning when it comes to charging.

Viewed more than 1.4 million times, Scott Polderman's video warns about the major risks that come with charging your phone overnight.

Scott says: "Apple has issued a warning on charging your iPhone overnight. And this caught my attention because I charge my phone overnight and I think most people do.

"But the concern is actually with where the phone is at when it's charging. It's important that the phone gets ventilation.

A lot of us are probably guilty of letting our phone charge overnight.
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"And if you have the phone next to the bed plugged in and you fall asleep and it's under the covers or it ends up under your pillow and it can't get ventilation, that's when it can cause injury.

"Second warning is about the charging cord. You do not want to have prolonged skin contact with the charging cord, especially if you're sleeping.

"So the bottom line is you want to make sure that your phone is not in bed with you.

"Because even the cheap or faulty charges can have issues but they've also seen issues, even with the cords that come with your phone.

"So just don't have the phone in with you."

In it's 'important safety information' documents, Apple lays out its advice in regards to its charging cable and connector.

It says to avoid prolonged skin contact with the charging cable and connector when the charging cable is connected to a power source because it may cause 'discomfort or injury'.

"Sleeping or sitting on the charging cable or connector should be avoided," it says.

On prolonged heat exposure, Apple says: "iPhone and Apple USB power adapters (sold separately) comply with required surface temperature limits defined by applicable country regulations and international and regional safety standards.

"However, even within these limits, sustained contact with warm surfaces for long periods of time may cause discomfort or injury.

Apple themselves have also given out some advice.
Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images

"Use common sense to avoid situations where your skin is in contact with a device, its power adapter, or a wireless charger when it’s operating or connected to a power source for long periods of time.

"For example, don’t sleep on a device, power adapter, or wireless charger, or place them under a blanket, pillow, or your body, when it’s connected to a power source.

"Keep your iPhone, the power adapter, and any wireless charger in a well-ventilated area when in use or charging.

"Take special care if you have a physical condition that affects your ability to detect heat against the body."

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