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New phone has monstrous battery life that can last a week but people point out same issue

New phone has monstrous battery life that can last a week but people point out same issue

That's one heffer of a phone

A time-consuming, mindless session of doom scrolling through social media can quickly be cut off by a low battery.

When you’re wanting to take countless snaps of the view or get into the group chat’s latest banter, there’s nothing more irritating than your phone simply deciding to just die.

And when you’re on a big day out or camping over at a festival, having to faff about with a portable charger is just another stress. Surely it would all just be easier if the battery life was longer in the first place.

But this phone could be about to change all that, as it has a pretty unbelievable lifespan and power supply. However, some people are already pointing out an issue with it.

The makers of this whopper phone claim it can last a whole week on just one charge.

One whopper of a phone.
Avenir Telecom

The Energizer Hard Case P28K was revealed by Avenir Telecom at a big mobile event earlier this week in Barcelona.

And yes – the name comes from the batter manufacturer brand, Energizer.

The phone is packed with a huge 28,000mAh battery, which should last a whole week of regular usage.

That makes the battery a whole 5.6 times the size of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s battery and also over six times the size of the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s.

And not only is the phone made to be pretty powerful, but it’s also tough.

As reported by The Verge, the Hard Case P28K has a solid IP69 rating to be able to survive whatever you’re getting up to with such a long time without charging it.

It’s also got a lengthy ‘talk time’ of 122 hours; you know, for when your mom rings you non-stop to give you a play-by-play of her latest gab session at the café.

Plus, the standby time is said to be almost 94 days - which is frankly ridiculous.

But, as techies are pointing out, it’s an absolute heffer of a phone.

With such a mega battery and toughness, it’s 27.8mm thick and weighs 570g – over three times that of an iPhone 15.

And X users think that’s a major downside, as they write: “Power isn't everything! The Energizer Hard Case P28K may last weeks, but its bulk and outdated specs are a miss.”

Others simply wrote: “This phone is T H I C C.”

While people say the ‘battery life is insane’ and call the phone ‘impressive’, one joked: “You can use this as a phone, as a power bank and throw it like a deadly weapon too."

Featured Image Credit: Avenir Telecom

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