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'Teleportation' device erected in New York 'to transport people' from America to London

'Teleportation' device erected in New York 'to transport people' from America to London

Users can transport themselves across the pond quicker than you can say: "Beam me up, Scotty."

Teleportation is at the top of most people's superpower wish list.

For starters, it would completely slash your commuting time and you could escape any awkward situation in the blink of an eye.

The super-quick method of movement is unfortunately still no closer to becoming a reality - but this seems like the next best thing.

Travel booths were erected in the middle of New York by Marriott hotels to allow people to get a taste of teleportation.

By simply climbing inside 'The Teleporter', Americans could journey across the pond in just a matter of seconds.

Users can have a mooch around London's 183m tall skyscraper, Tower 42 - without forking out for a flight.

Those who fancy a more exotic trip can explore the black sand beaches of Hawaii, while literally feeling their toes in the sand.

The phone-booth like contraption in the Big Apple was kitted out with Oculus Rift gadgets and some other sensory gimmicks.

This virtual reality gear allows the user to enjoy a completely immersive experience - which is eerily similar to the real thing.

All you have to do is stand inside the booth, put on a virtual headset and wireless headphones - and you're off!

It sounds much easier than lugging your bags through the airport and having to sprint to the gate to catch your flight.

As well as New Yorkers being able to see their desired destination, they were also able to physically feel it.

The Teleporter can take you on a 100-second journey across the globe.

Sensory elements such as heat, wind and mist help recreate authentic features of the place - such as London's drizzle or the spray from the Pacific Ocean in Maui.

Extraordinary 4D technology also controls the temperature as well as other factors your eyes, ears and nose can pick up on.

Pneumatic pumps are embedded in the booth's floor, which help recreate the feeling of the place you have 'teleported' to.

This could be the sand underneath your feet - or the cold UK concrete, of course.

Misting nozzles in the walls model the weather conditions, while heat fans on the ceiling replicate the breeze and temperature.

A 'scent dispenser' and a 1000-watt amplifier also help tune your body into the out-of-this-world experience.

Marriot produced the creation after partnering with Relevant in 2014, who then roped in Framestore.

As well as boasting incredible views, the booth satisfies the rest of your senses too.

The latter, an Academy Award-winning VR firm, helped to bring the visual effects for the idea to fruition.

Relevent’s VP of Innovation, Ian Cleary, described the booth as like an 'amusement park crammed into a closet'.

The Marriott's VP of global brand marketing, Michael Dail, said at the time that the company produced the stunt as they wanted to 'build credibility with younger traveler'.

He told Wired: "The tech has been there for a while, the application has been there, but now that it’s becoming accessible and mainstream, we wanted to be the first to jump out there.

"We wanted something more immersive, more experiential, that helps people connect with that feeling of what travel is really about."

Back in 2014, it was hoped that Marriott's street booth was a sign of things to come - and that we would soon use them to help decide on holidays, or view a home before it is built.

There's obviously still no sign of this on the global market - but let's give it another nine years.

Featured Image Credit: Marriott Hotels

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