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Distraught Money Heist Star Forced To Flee Home After Terrifying House Fire In Middle Of The Night

Distraught Money Heist Star Forced To Flee Home After Terrifying House Fire In Middle Of The Night

The Spanish actor was forced to call the fire brigade and watch as his possessions went up in smoke.

One of the stars from Netflix's hit drama Money Heist was forced to flee a terrifying house fire which left his home in ruins.

Miguel Herrán, 25, has shared distressing footage of his house burning with the actor clearly shaken and struggling to come to terms with the destruction of his home.

Herrán is a Spanish actor who plays Rio in the hit Netflix sho wLa Casa de Papel (Money Heist).

The series tracks a group of thieves who try to pull off a daring bank-heist by robbing the Royal Mint of Spain.

But the images Herrán shared on social media on the morning of Friday 8 April document the terrifying real-life escape the actor was forced to undertake.


The first video he posted appears to document a blaze on the ground floor of his home taken from outside some french windows.

The actor can be heard sobbing in disbelief and exclaiming: "I can't believe it!"

This video was also overlaid by the melancholy words "Buenos días" (good morning).


The second video, taken after the fire had been put out by firefighters, shows the extent of destruction inside the house.

Most of the inside of the home is blackened and charred with sections of the ceiling in disarray.


Local reports quoted Herrán as saying: "It caught me when I was asleep and I woke up with the sound of my house burning. I escaped through the window of my room."

The Netflix star took to social media to praise the firefighters.

He said on his Instagram story: "Thanks to everyone, especially the Avila firefighters and the security of my urbanisation.

"The losses have been material… and as a good friend of mine says, first world problems."

Avila is the capital of Avila province in Spain, which is located north-west of the capital Madrid.


The fire reportedly broke out during the night, with Herrán quickly calling the fire brigade who put out the flames after he had escaped.

It is still currently unknown what caused the blaze.

LADbible has contacted a representative for Herrán for a comment.

Money Heist has won several International Emmy awards and is the second most watched non-English show on Netflix, behind Korean sensation Squid Game.

The series ended in December, but fans don't have long to wait before they can catch up with one of the show's most memorable characters.

Netflix has commissioned a spinoff show centred on Pedro Alonso's Berlin, who died in the second season of Money Heist.

It's set to air in 2023.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash/Instagram/@miguel.g.herran

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