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Terrifying simulator shows what it's like to drown

Emma Guinness

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Terrifying simulator shows what it's like to drown

A terrifying video has revealed what it's like to drown - and it will have you be a lot more careful around the water from now on.

The 'drowning simulator' was shown in action on YouTube and features a man who finds himself in the water being knocked in by the sail of a boat. Watch below:


As anyone who's ever been in a sailboat will attest, when the wind is up, they can move pretty fast, and that's exactly what happens at the beginning of the simulator - leaving the man alone in the open ocean.


He can be heard calling for help, but it is to no avail.

This is also very much a reflection of boating, as large boats like the one in the simulator would be challenging, to say the least, to operate single-handedly.

In the terrifying simulator, the man can then be seen desperately trying to stay afloat as he calls for his friend, Charles, to come back.

While he is able to keep his head above the water with some success, slowly but surely be begins to sink beneath the surface.

You'll never not wear a lifejacket after watching the simulator. Credit: YouTube / Henry Pyyhtiä
You'll never not wear a lifejacket after watching the simulator. Credit: YouTube / Henry Pyyhtiä

Eventually, his breathing can be heard getting more laboured before he completely sinks.

While he does manage to come up for a few desperate laboured breaths, when he realises that his friend is completely gone, he begins to shout out, realising that there is likely little hope of rescue.

It's at this point that the simulator gets really distressing and the man's movements slow down as his lungs fill with water.


The video then ends by revealing that once submerged, the man died after four minutes and 20 seconds.

The simulator then warned of that the human body tires a lot faster than people think and that's why you should always wear a lifejacket at sea.

As you can imagine, the video garnered quite a reaction on YouTube.

One viewer wrote: "My biggest fear in that situation would still be a that shark is near."


"Imagine playing this game in VR tho," speculated a second while a third observed: "The fact that someone took the time to represent a real drowning so accurately is concerning yet amazing at the same time."

A fourth revealed: "My dad passed away from getting drowned deep in the ocean.

"I’ve been watching this video every now and then to experience and to know what it was like for him amidst drowning.

"In the span of time we were patiently waiting during the search and rescue operation, I couldn't stop thinking how lonely it must’ve been for him - how terrifying it must've been."

Featured Image Credit: @hegeakajesus/youtube

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Emma Guinness
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