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The ick, menty-b, spicy cough, and goblin mode have all been added to the dictionary

The ick, menty-b, spicy cough, and goblin mode have all been added to the dictionary

These Gen Z terms are now officially recognised by the Macquarie Dictionary.

You've probably been saying these words for a while now, however they've just become official.

Language constantly evolves and transforms over time and there are people in charge with keeping up to date with slang terms and different meanings

The Macquarie Dictionary has been updated to include a few new terms that are used a lot by Gen Z people.

The new additions include menty-b, the ick, spicy cough, goblin mode, bachelor's handbag, cozzie, situationship, and Barbiecore.

If those terms went right over your head, let us explain.

Goblin mode refers to when a person displays 'a pattern of behaviour characterised by an embrace of indolence and slovenliness'.

Menty-b is a shortened way of saying mental breakdown and spicy cough is another term for having Covid-19.

The ick is a term that relates to the feeling you get when a potential partner does or says something that immediately puts you off them.

It could be something obvious like being rude to a waiter or something innocent like having the second toe bigger than the big toe.

Whatever it is, getting the ick is an undeniable feeling that is so common that it's now recognised in the dictionary.

These new terms will be included in the Macquarie Dictionary's ninth edition, which will be released this week.

Macquarie’s managing editor, Victoria Morgan, told the Sydney Morning Herald: "This edition has been quite distinct with the pandemic and other social trends that people are following.

"The role of the dictionary is to simply present language as it is currently being used in Australian English."

She added: "Linguistically, COVID has meant this has been quite a significant point in time.

"We haven’t had this many terms created by a single crisis or catastrophe pretty much since the world wars.

“As a general rule, Australians like to play with language.

"If there’s something quite serious, like mental health or COVID, we do seem to create quite lighthearted ways of being able to talk about things ... We’re happy to put it out there.”

So, there's no surprise that menty-b and spicy cough became much easier ways of bringing up serious issues when around friends or loved ones.

Featured Image Credit: Petri Oeschger/Getty Images. Maria Korneeva/Getty Images

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