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Man gets revenge on woman who ‘kept putting her smelly feet’ under his seat on plane

Man gets revenge on woman who ‘kept putting her smelly feet’ under his seat on plane

His response stopped her from putting her feet out

An airline passenger has shared their way to get revenge on someone who put their feet into their section.

Flying is unpleasant at the best of times. Whether it's the recycled air, the terrible food, the sense of impending doom and fear that the whole thing will come down in flames.

All this is only exacerbated by the cramped cabins packed full of people. The seats are tiny, and far too close together so people are packed in like sardines in a big flying can. By our ingenious ingenuity and curiosity, humanity somehow achieved the miracle of flight, and then ruined it.

Cramped cabins are a particular blight on airline passengers. Whether it's the person in front of you leaning their seat back, or the person behind you putting their feet right next to you, no one wins.

One passenger has found a way to at least deter someone from putting their smelly feet right into their section of seating.

A video on TikTok shows a passenger poking their shoeless feet underneath the seat. Quite why anyone would want to remove their shoes on a plane is beyond me, but each to their own.

The passenger however, managed to deter the person behind with a clever, if slightly gross, trick.

A caption reads: "Woman on the plane behind me kept putting her smelly feet under me, she then stopped."

Mean or justified?
TikTok / danielgreen2426

Footage shows him taking a can of soda and dripping just a little bit of it onto the woman's feet. It's not so much that it's loads, but just enough to create a sense of something dripping.

If you've ever accidentally stepped in a puddle of water in socks or bare feet, you'll know just how gross it feels to suddenly have wet feet.

Bare feet is not the only sin you can commit while flying. Other faux pas involve letting long hair fall over the back of your seat so the person behind has to see it.

There's also having the audacity to use the recliner on your seat.

This one does divide opinion. While some lament not having enough leg room and being cramped, others question what the point is of having a recliner on a seat if social etiquette forbids you from using it.

For all the conflict, it seems that really there is only one true culprit here. That, of course, is the airliners who try to pack in as many passengers as possible.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / danielgreen2426

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