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American Expat Tries Bunnings Sausage Sizzle For The First Time And Is Underwhelmed

American Expat Tries Bunnings Sausage Sizzle For The First Time And Is Underwhelmed

Aussies have slammed the US woman for not only dissing the beloved Bunnings snag but also for the way she ate it.

A US expat has caused quite a stir online after posting a video criticising Australia’s beloved Bunnings snag.

Sophia, who moved to Sydney in February 2020, took to TikTok to document her very first Bunnings sausage sizzle.

The video shows the 30-year-old putting condiments on her snag with a voice-over that says: “All right, you guys have been telling me to get a sausage sizzle for the past few years.

“So this is my first sausage sizzle. Honestly, the Costco hot dog is so much better than this – but whatever, I gave it a try.

And the proceeds go to charity so it’s for a good cause.”

People flocked to the comments section to not only blast Sophia for giving the beloved Bunnings snag a bad review but also to criticise her for the way she ate it.


One user wrote: “Which Bunnings is serving snags with two slices of bread? I’m calling the police.”

Another user commented: “How the heck were you eating it. Lol you always eat it with one piece of bread not too.”

While a third wrote: “I’m telling my therapist what you did.”

Who knew the number of bread slices would elicit such a controversy?

But the hate grew to such a level that Sophia had to defend herself in the scathing comment section. 

She wrote: “Guys this how they gave it to me in gladesville. It would have been better proportions by far if it was one piece of bread.”

This is not the first time a US ex-pat has taken to social media to document their Australian ‘rite of passage’.

Last year US man Bryan Michaels, who was living in Adelaide, posted a video of him trying the Bunnings snag for the first time.

After some confusion about whether he could get ‘ketchup’ with his sausage, Michaels, unlike Sophia, posted his glowing reviews of the banger.

He said: “That is so good. I don’t know why this is a thing, it’s just a sausage on a piece of bread at a hardware store, but I love it. This is awesome.”

Many TikTok users commented that he was a ‘real Aussie’ because he headed to Bunnings just for the snag.

But seriously, aside from ‘The Shoey’ or belting out Shannon Noll’s ‘What About Me?’ is there anything more patriotic?

Featured Image Credit: sophiainsydney/TikTok

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