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TikTokker cops backlash for pranking girlfriend with fake marriage proposal

TikTokker cops backlash for pranking girlfriend with fake marriage proposal

He said his partner has been expecting him to get down on one knee so he thought he would throw in a different kind of surprise.

A German TikTokker has copped some serious heat online after he pranked his girlfriend with a fake marriage proposal for a social media video.

In the video the bloke, who goes by the handle Alexandrovitch90, filmed his girlfriend as she walked into their apartment, which had rose petals dashed across the floor and balloons at her feet.

She can be heard asking 'what is this' in the video, as a broad grin stretches across her face.

He didn't reply to her in the now-viral clip, which has been viewed over 34.5 million times at time of writing.

Instead he handed her a pair of scissors for her to cut her way through a ribbon and gave her a bouquet of roses.

Then, with her eyes closed, he led her through their property.

Spoiler alert: it doesn't end as she had hoped.

Instead of an elaborate proposal or a gift, the woman instead opened her eyes to their kitchen where a stack of dirty dishes sat gathering dust.

Clearly unimpressed, she can be seen in the video throwing the roses at him before storming off.

And yeah, it has not gone down well on TikTok, with many taking to the comments to roast him for it.

One social media user said: "I would have broke up with him instantly."


A second added: "I know I’m supposed to find this funny but I just feel so much pain watching this. I feel so bad for her."

A third chipped in with: "That went from 'about to have the best night' to 'sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future' in record time."

The couple, however, is still together.

Nikolai Fischer, the man behind the Alexandrovitch90 TikTok account, told Newsweek his girlfriend has been 'expecting a proposal and this was a good opportunity to prank her without expecting it'.

The German TikTokker did admit, however, that the prank left her absolutely seething.

"She took being angry to a new level," he told Newsweek.

She stormed out.

"After a few hours she calmed down and was able to laugh about it."

The couple live in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein and will celebrate their four year anniversary together in November.

Fischer said the couple have 'pranked each other a lot during that time'.

"We've been pranking each other publicly on TikTok for less than two weeks and soon on big sites like Youtube and Instagram too," he said, as per Newsweek.

"There will be many more pranks to come. You can be excited."

Well, we don't know if we should feel excited or worried about future pranks.

Featured Image Credit: Alexandrovitch90/TikTok

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