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Capital DJ apologises for joke about Turkey following earthquake

Capital DJ apologises for joke about Turkey following earthquake

DJ Ant Payne made the comments about Turkey on his Drivetime show on Capital Radio

A radio DJ has issued an apology after making a joke about Turkey, where thousands of people have died after an horrific earthquake hit the country – as well as neighbouring Syria – on February 6.

Ant Payne, the host of the Drivetime show on Capital Radio, made a joke when talking about Turkey on Monday which was branded 'shameful' and 'disgusting'.

He's now apologised for his comments, describing them as ‘insensitive’.

On his show, which airs every weekday between 4pm and 7pm, Payne joked: “Now is actually the best time to start looking at some cheap flights away to Turkey, over the next few years.”

He added: “Get your teeth done while you are over there.

“Come back looking 19 years old.

“You’ll be on Love Island next year if you are doing that.”

Obviously, people were understandably upset by his comments, leading to a tweet in which he apologised for his actions.

Ant Payne hosts the Drivetime show on Capital Radio.
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On Tuesday morning, Payne released the statement which read: “Hi guys, I want to address the comment I made last night on the show.

“It was insensitive and ill-timed.

“I would never wish to offend anyone from my shows.

“My sincere and wholehearted apologies.”

So far, more than 36,000 people have died following the earthquake, which rocked southern Turkey and northern Syria.

31,974 of those who have been killed were in Turkey, with a further 3,700 in Syria killed by the 7.8 magnitude quake.

Thousands have died following the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.
CTK/Alamy Stock Photo

Buildings were brought down by the earthquake, trapping people inside and underneath rubble, with entire neighbourhoods flattened.

Adverse weather conditions have also hampered rescue efforts, making it nearly impossible to find some survivors.

Payne’s apology comes after he responded to someone on Twitter yesterday seemingly suggesting that he hadn’t made the comments.

A listener had tweeted: “‘Cant believe I just heard @ant_man_go make fun of the #Turkeyearthquake on @CapitalOfficial – he said ‘flight from now for a few years should be cheap to Turkey to get your teeth done’.

“I wonder how all the Turkish&Syrian communities and victims of this disaster feel about that?’”

Payne responded: “Except I said nothing of the sort…”

Payne apologised, but not before denying his comments on Twitter.

After his apology, one person wrote: “Memory suddenly come back has it fella?

“Last night you said you never said anything of the sort? What changed?”

Another person commented: “What did you mean then when you replied ‘I said nothing of the sort’. Were you misinterpreted?

“I think you need to explain this further if you want it to go away.”

Payne has worked for Capital Radio since 2011, moving to his current show in 2019.

He previously hosted the mid-morning show on the same station, having also worked at Galaxy Radio in Manchester and Bournemouth Fire FM.

LADbible has contacted Capital Radio for a comment.

LADbible Group is donating and raising money to help World Vision provide shelter, food and hygiene kits to support those affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Please donate whatever you can here.

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