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Mitchell And Webb Want To Do More Peep Show When They're 'Really Old'

Mitchell And Webb Want To Do More Peep Show When They're 'Really Old'

The comedy duo are returning for another season of Back

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

David Mitchell and Robert Webb have revealed they're keen to do more Peep Show, but only when they're 'really old'.

The duo are set to return with a second season of acclaimed comedy Back, but have said they still haven't closed the door on reviving Mark and Jez.

Speaking to LADbible, they said it was always the plan to do more, but they want to wait until they're in their 60s.

"What we always say is that if David and I are blessed to be in good health in our 60s or whenever, to come back and do another series where Mark and Jeremy are having exactly the same conversations in exactly the same flat, but are moving into their older age, would be funny," Robert told us.

"I'm assuming it would be funny, maybe it would be unbelievably depressing."

David said: "The way we have it in mind - though the need to work may intervene, who knows, we may be pitching it in six months time - was not to do it when they were middle-aged but when they were old.

Mitchell and Webb said they would like to return to Peep Show in 20 years.
Channel 4

"So literally at least 20 years after the show finished, not seven."

Robert added: "The older the better. We'll probably be filming it in 3D, probably a holo-show by then."

But while fans may still have some time to see the return of the El Dude brothers, they will have significantly less to wait for Mitchel and Webb to hit their screens again.

More than three years after the first season of Back aired, it is finally, well, back for second instalment.

If you're unfamiliar with it, the first season saw us introduced to Stephen (Mitchell), who is reacquainted with Andrew (Webb), a foster child briefly raised by his parents, at his father's funeral.

And while Andrew ingratiates himself back into the fold, winning over his mother Ellen and sister Cass, Stephen is wary of his motives and his life quickly unravels.

Filming for the series began back in October 2019, but had to be cut short after a routine medical found that Robert had an extremely serious heart condition and needed to undergo an emergency operation - though he still carried on for a few days after finding out.

Series two of Back starts on 21 January.
Channel 4

"That didn't stop me doing a week's filming for reasons that I now find inexplicable," Robert revealed during a Q&A.

"I just went to work for a week... I think there's a scene where I'm supposed to be carrying a box up some stairs and the art department made it as light as possible, bless them.

"But I still found doing that scene the equivalent of five normal scenes and then I thought, really I should just go home, creep around downloading audio books and try not to have a heart attack."

Four months later, he returned to work to finish the series, at least that was the plan, but Covid put paid to that - the cast had to wait until September to wrap.

And Robert says he had concerns there may be issues with his appearance due to what he had just been through.

He added: "The continuity with my face is really interesting. I gather there's wonderful things they can do in post to make my face more or less the same colour.

"But there are moments when I saw the rough edit where you go from me sort of bloated and pasty white and knowing that I'm about to have a heart attack, to when I'd had a large operation about four months ago and there's quite a difference in pallor."

Back season two starts on Channel 4 on 21 January at 10pm.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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