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People believe this map was created by flat earthers and shows what lies beyond Earth's 'ice wall'

People believe this map was created by flat earthers and shows what lies beyond Earth's 'ice wall'

It seems like there is a lot of undiscovered places if you manage to sail through the gaps.

A map has gone viral on social media and some believe it's what flat earthers believe is a more accurate representation of our pancake planet.

The jury is out on whether this is the work of a true flat earther or someone with an inventive mind, but either way it's an interesting idea.

A Twitter user by the name of ‘CivicBulb9005’ has shared a pic which portrays an ‘ice wall’ surrounding the countries that we already know.

He captioned the photo: “I just want Flat Earth to be true because it would be a lot cooler. Notice the new continents separated by the ice wall.”

However, it’s what lies beyond these ice walls that had us shocked.

In the left-hand corner, we have ‘The Walls of Asgard’ and directly underneath are the ‘Scorched Wastes’.

They sound like they're dying to be explored.

Across from these two wondrous sounding places lies the ‘Frozen Wastes’, and above is the so-called ‘Abyssal Ocean’.

Of course, this map sent Twitter into an absolute frenzy, as one user wrote: “It's Game of Thrones.”

Another joked: “I'm guessing all those undiscovered continents is where the aliens live.”

A third said: “This would be fire for a fictional series.”

While another commented: “Earth MMO Expansion Pack just dropped.”

One user even pointed out another major flaw.

“And STILL with this model, the sun would have to be visible over the entire 'earth' 24 hours a day,” they said.

The biggest error with this map is the gaps in the ice wall that surrounds us and why no one has ever been able to sail through them and explore the big, wide world.

But rest assured, every now and again, flat earthers are forced to confront their own ignorance.

In 2018, two made headlines for accidentally proving their theory wrong.

The snippet from the documentary film Behind The Curve shows two men conducting a light experiment to 'prove' that this little blue planet is as flat as a pancake.

The DIY experiment saw the men use a camera to film through two holes.

One person operated the camera while the other stood on the other side of the panels with holes in the middle of them, and they shined a torch back at the device.

They thought it would confirm the idea that the torch would hit the camera when being shone in a straight line because they believed the earth was flat.

But as the earth is a round ball, it meant the torch light couldn't be seen.

Instead, the torch-holder brought it up a bit and shined it through at an angle so that the camera picked up the light, which completely diminished their theory.

Ah, there’s nothing like the taste of humble pie.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Patriot Takes. Arterra/Getty Images

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