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Brits Spend More Time In Bed Scrolling Through Social Media Than Bonking

Jake Massey

| Last updated 

Brits Spend More Time In Bed Scrolling Through Social Media Than Bonking

Just because something is built for a specific purpose, doesn't mean it is used for that specific purpose. Umbrellas are designed to keep people dry when it rains, but they can also be used as weapons and to cast bad luck.

Similarly, the bed's purpose is to provide somewhere for people to sleep, but all sorts of other shit goes down in there too. A new study has revealed just how exactly Brits divide their bedtime, and the results may surprise you.

What we spend most of our time in bed doing won't surprise you though - it's sleeping, of course. But what is the second most likely thing for you to be doing in bed? Well, if it's not working then you're luckier than the average Brit, who spends 11.2 hours a week working in bed (though this figure is presumably considerably higher for sex workers).


The study was conducted by mattress and bed frame manufacturer, Nectar Sleep, who polled 2,133 Britons between August and September 2018.

The third most popular bedtime activity was watching TV, with respondents averaging 9.1 hours a week. No doubt some of you who were just a moment ago feeling pretty smug about averaging fewer than 11.2 hours a week of intra-bed work have now been brought back down to earth by bedroom TV envy.

But if you're just generally feeling deflated by the fact people spend more time in bed working and watching TV then getting down to business, then prepare to be deflated further.

The study found that Brits averaged 6.3 hours of bedtime worrying, 4.2 hours scrolling through social media and 3.5 hours having sex.


Almost an hour a day worrying in bed - end of day reflections on the state of your life or morning dread of getting out of bed do we think? To be fair, a particularly heavy Saturday night can easily leave you with 6.3 hours of beer fear in the space of hangover Sunday.

As to scrolling taking priority over getting freaky dirty raunchy, you can't help but feel an increase in the latter would take a chunk out of that 6.3 hour weekly worry window. But don't just take my word for it, relationship expert, Susan Quilliam, has said pretty much the same thing.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

According to The Mirror, she said: "Sadly, I'm not surprised this study shows the bedroom is now used less for sleeping and sex and more for work and worrying.


"Modern society and technology like smart phones have made people available 24/7 - no wonder so many office and social hours are clocked up from the comfort of our beds.

"As for worrying, we're also under more stress than ever before, so it's difficult to switch off our brains and get in the mood for sex. The answer is a healthy sleep routine - leave work concerns at the office, unplug screens, wind down fully before sleep and make sure both bedroom and bed support rest and relaxation.

"And yes, make more time for sex. It even helps aid the release of relaxing endorphins that help you get a great night's sleep."

But, actually, after a bit more deliberation, while sexy time finishing so low down in the pecking order seems bad, 3.5 hours a week - that's not bad, right? That's like four shags a day... isn't it?

Featured Image Credit: PA

Topics: uk news, Sex, Social Media

Jake Massey
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