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Ex-Mormon drinks alcohol for the very first time and has unexpected reaction

Ex-Mormon drinks alcohol for the very first time and has unexpected reaction

Alcohol is prohibited in some religions

We've all got our go to drinks on a night out (I'll have a Guinness, please) but let's not lie, that first proper taste of alcohol as a teenager was pretty rank.

And it's one that seemingly hits us all the same no matter what age we try it for the first time.

I love nothing more than a pint of the black stuff or an espresso martini if we're feeling adventurous.

But when your parents give you a beer to try aged 15, it's not great.

Over time your taste buds adapt to the taste of ethanol and learn to appreciate everything else around it - with the good vibes soon following.

For some, though, the experience comes later in life - especially if you leave a religion that bans consumption of the hard stuff.

Enter Lily and Hyesong, an ex-Mormon and ex-Baptist who tried drinking for the first time after leaving their churches.

Lily, a former Mormon.

The two features on American YouTube channel Cut which documented them taking the plunge.

Lily used to be a Mormon, who are people that follow concepts and revelations of Christianity made by their founder, Joseph Smith.

They are also known as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

On her experience, Lily said: "In our church we weren't allowed to drink.

"I was Mormon all my life and left the church a year to a year and a half ago.

"We couldn't have coffee, we couldn't date until we were 16."

She said she was 'really iffy about the religion throughout the whole life' after feeling forced into following it as a child.

Lily took a sip of a Cosmo.
YouTube/The Cut

Talking about his experience with the Southern Baptist Church, Hyesong said: "We couldn't drink, party, do drugs. Masturbation was a big thing with an overhang of shame [if you did it]."

As for drinking alcohol, Lily said she wanted to do it to 'finally be free from the environment' that she grew up in.

The video shows Lily and Hyesong trying a number of alcoholic beverages for the first time.

They start off with vodka, move on to alcoholic seltzer, before having a Cosmopolitan cocktail and then chugging a beer.

The experience goes pretty much how you'd expect, with Lily describing vodka as smelling like 'rubbing alcohol'.

Finishing off the experience, Lily's reaction to trying the booze out leaves her feeling a little unknown.

Watch her reaction here:

Explaining how she feels, Lily said: "I feel more open. I guess that's what alcohol does to you?

"I feel like I could hug everyone right now, definitely."

We've all been there after having a few bevs.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Cut

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