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UK's biggest cheese factory is 'ruining lives' because of rotten egg smell

UK's biggest cheese factory is 'ruining lives' because of rotten egg smell

Locals are being driven mad by the smell coming from the factory.

The biggest cheese factory in the UK is causing serious problems for locals living nearby, between noises keeping them up at night and the smell of rotten eggs making them feel nauseous.

Davidstow Creamery in Cornwall has a history of noise and smell issues, with the business being fined £1.52 million just last year for a series of pollution and odour charges.

But the complaints are still rolling in from residents who are at their wit's end.

Davidstow Creamery in Cornwall has a history of noise and smell issues.

One couple, Jim and Kasia from Tremail, live downwind of the creamery responsible for Cathedral City cheese and have said they feel 'hopeless'.

Trying to describe the stench that they're living in, Jim told ITV: "Sometimes it's reminiscent of dead sheep, sometimes sewage-like or the other one is bad eggs, once you’ve smelt it you know it’s not just manure."

Kasia added: "I feel hopeless because you actually know you are in the right, it’s what they are doing is wrong."

Also struggling with the putrid smell are Natalie and Mark, who bought their home in Treworra just last summer.

The couple's solicitors made thorough checks on the creamery, following its previous pollution issues, and eventually they were convinced that it would be safe to go ahead with the property purchase, since it looked like all issues had been resolved.

But, not a year later, Natalie told Cornwall Live that she's often reduced to tears depending on the wind direction on any given day.

Jim and Kasia have been left feeling 'hopeless'.

She admitted that, between the unbearable smell and the 'deafening' sounds that keep her up at night, Natalie had been left to struggle with some of the 'darkest thoughts'.

That being said, she 'would not sell [the house] to her worst enemy'.

Natalie, her husband Mark and their 11-year-old daughter even claim to have suffered 'headaches and nosebleeds' due to the smell.

The couple claimed the smell and noises is 'ruining their lives'.

The Environmental Agency (EA) has confirmed that Davidstow Plant has made 'multiple permit breaches' in both 2022 and 2023, and that it was responding to 'a number' of odour and noise complaints.

"We are requiring the operator to take steps to prevent or minimise these impacts now and in future," they told the BBC.

They added that there are still 'ongoing investigations into offending from 2021 and 2022' and promised to deliver planned improvements 'as quickly as possible.'

That being said, the EA is also currently considering an application from Saputo - the parent company of Davidstow Creamery - to increase production.

Saputo is looking to almost double their cheese production.
Kristoffer Tripplaar / Alamy Stock Photo

LADbible has reached out to Saputo, owner of Davidstow Creamery, for further comment on the latest batch of resident complaints.

An earlier statement made to ITV by the company read: "We have undertaken a substantial programme of capital investment and operational improvements over the last four years at the Davidstow site.

"We are aware of a few neighbours still experiencing issues around odour and noise and further initiatives are underway to address this, which they are aware of.

"The EA has confirmed that they have no evidence to suggest that levels of any gas outside the WPF would be directly harmful to human health.

"We work closely with the EA – sharing plans and regularly reporting progress.

"Furthermore, we hold regular three-way meetings with the EA and local residents to update them on progress and discuss any complaints. Davidstow residents are represented by the Parish Council, with whom we have a productive working relationship, and which represents the views of the broader Davidstow community.

“We take our responsibilities as a major employer and neighbour extremely seriously and are doing all we can to maintain a good relationship with the local community.

“Environmental compliance remains a top priority and we remain firmly committed to our environmental agenda and ongoing investment plans.”

Featured Image Credit: BBC/ton koene / Alamy Stock Photo

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