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​Fake Taxi Star Opens Up On Awkward Moment At The Supermarket

Jess Hardiman

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​Fake Taxi Star Opens Up On Awkward Moment At The Supermarket

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@ava_k_international

A Fake Taxi star has opened up about some of the more awkward moments her career has got her into, from being recognised at the supermarket through to meeting fans in nightclubs.

Ava Koxxx, 34, is an adult star who also runs her own events business, Exclusive Erotic Events, which hosts sex parties.

In an interview on the 'Helen Wood chats to...' podcast, Ava, 34, said she gets 'recognised quite a lot' thanks to her work - something that's led to a few amusing moments.

She said: "There's been the odd time on the bread aisle minding my own business, and I saw these three guys out the corner of my eye walking past and I heard them say dead loud, 'There's that girl from Fake Taxi!'

"There was an old woman who looked at me as if to say, 'What's Fake Taxi?'

"I threw the bread down and ran off."

Ava Koxxx. Credit: Instagram/@ava_k_international
Ava Koxxx. Credit: Instagram/@ava_k_international

Recalling another moment, Ava continued: "Once I was in a club quite recently and a couple stood around me. The woman kept looking over and I thought, 'oh no what's going on here? I thought, I'm in for it here!'

"She came over and said, me and my husband watch your pornos. I said, 'oh right, thanks'. I didn't know what to say next. I was sweating. She said, 'we have learnt so much'."

Ava, from Salford, first got into the industry after having sex with a guy who 'loved porn', which prompted her to think about her own talents.

"I thought, I could well do that," she said.

"So I woke up the next morning and I thought, right, Google, how do I become a porn star?"

Credit: Instagram/@ava_k_international
Credit: Instagram/@ava_k_international

Ava enlisted the help of a friend who had contacts within the adult industry, and set up social media accounts.

Within just 24 hours she was contacted by a site called DDF, which asked her to fly over to Budapest.

Ava said: "I flew over 12 hours later, no [health] certs, turned upon set with condoms, not a clue what was going on.

"They had to take me to the clinic, get my tests done, and then I did my first scene.

"I'll never forget the guy who owned the company is called Dennis de Franco. He came in, he said, Ava, how long have you been filming for? And I said, this is my first scene.

"He said, baby, you are going to be a star."

Credit: Instagram/@ava_k_international
Credit: Instagram/@ava_k_international

Nowadays, an average day for Ava involves going to set, signing model release forms and showing her certs and IDs, before she's ready for her scene.

"After that you'll do your acting for the scene, which I'm terrible at," she said.

"I start stuttering, I am s***. Once they cast me as a character with no lines and I was buzzing."

Ava refuses for her work to be stigmatised by what other people think, saying her family may have been a bit reluctant at first, but now understand the life she lives and how she's built a business, company and brand.

She added: "The best feeling in the world is to be able to look after my family."

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Jess Hardiman
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