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Greggs staff to share bonus of £17.6 million after record profits

Greggs staff to share bonus of £17.6 million after record profits

You guys buying so many sausage rolls probably had something to do with it

If you work at Greggs then first of all thank you for the sausage rolls, and secondly you're likely to be in line for a nice bonus.

The incredibly popular bakery chain has announced that around 25,000 of its 32,000 employees across the UK will see their pay rise at the end of the month after record profits.

It turns out the nation's love of baked goods has seen Greggs profits climb even higher and that means it's quids-in for many of the people who work there.

According to the Guardian, Greggs shares 10 percent of its annual profits with staff who've worked there for at least six months as part of a profit sharing scheme.

The amount each employee will receive is going to be a bit different, someone who's been working for Greggs for six years and does 22 hours a week will end up with another £765 in their pocket, for example.

Yum, yum, yum.
DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images

There's a total bonus pot of £17.6 million to be divvied up among Greggs employees, so it's going to be a welcome boon to their pay packets.

On top of that, Greggs chief Rosie Currie has said they have 'no plans for further price rises' this year, though the company expects its costs to go up by between four and five percent.

Greggs had stuck some prices up last December but it's hoped that we won't be seeing the prices climb up at Greggs for a little while yet.

She said: "We’re still talking about the cost of living crisis. We know that the consumer disposable income remains under pressure.

"It’ll be another tough year. Last year and the year before were tough for the consumer, and that may continue through this year.

"What’s helpful is that we are seeing a lower level of inflation in the economy."

If you work for Greggs it's a good day to you.
Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

It really is a trifecta of good news for Greggs at the moment as it just overtook McDonald's to become Britain's favourite takeaway breakfast provider.

Apparently 19.6 percent of all visits to buy some breakfast now end up in a Greggs, and this is the first time the bakery chain has leapfrogged McDonald's.

It's all been part of the plan as the bakery chain has been shifting its opening hours earlier and earlier, while adding more breakfast-y items like the bacon rolls onto the menu.

However, if you really want to be getting your hands on a hot sausage then you'd best be popping in at around midday, as according to Greggs employees that's the best time to do it.

They might cook their food until it's hot, but they don't keep it hot to save their stuff from being slapped with VAT.

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