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It Could Be Made Illegal For Your Boss To Make You Come Into The Office

It Could Be Made Illegal For Your Boss To Make You Come Into The Office

Flexible working could be here to stay after lockdown

It could soon be illegal for your boss to insist that you come into the office.

The UK government is reportedly working on plans to retain flexible working long after lockdown has finally ended.

Under the proposals, employees would not have to physically be in the workplace unless it was absolutely essential.

According to reports, the government will be consulting on the idea over the summer.

A Whitehall source told The Daily Mail: "We are looking at introducing a default right to flexible working. That would cover things like reasonable requests by parents to start late so they can drop their kids at childcare.

"But in the case of office workers in particular it would also cover working from home - that would be the default right unless the employer could show good reason why someone should not."


These leaked reports come after Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove suggested recently that our working lives will change for good.

Speaking this week, he said: "We won't go back to the status quo."

Earlier this week, the UK government confirmed that the planned lifting of lockdown restrictions in England was to be delayed by four weeks.

Boris Johnson said during a press conference that while all legal limits on social contact were planned to be be removed next Monday (21 June), 'Freedom Day' had to be pushed back due to a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases.

It means capacity limits will remain in place for pubs, restaurants, sports venues and cinemas, while nightclubs will have to remain closed.

Weddings and wakes will still be allowed to go ahead with more than 30 guests, providing social distancing is still in place.

The delay could also jeopardise some festivals and will come as a huge blow to the music, hospitality, events and nightlife industries.

Following this, the fourth and final step on the roadmap out of lockdown is now scheduled for Monday 19 July.


The Prime Minister said: "By Monday 19th July we will aim to have double jabbed around two thirds of the adult population including everyone over 50, all the vulnerable, all the frontline health and care workers and everyone over 40 who received their first dose by mid-May.

"And to do this we will now accelerate the 2nd jabs for those over 40 - just as we did for the vulnerable groups - so they get maximum protection as fast as possible."

He added: We will bring forward our target to give every adult in this country a first dose by 19th July that is including young people over the age of 18 with 23 and 24 year olds invited to book jabs from tomorrow - so we reduce the risk of transmission among groups that mix the most.

"And to give the NHS that extra time we will hold off step 4 openings until July 19th except for weddings that can still go ahead with more than 30 guests provided social distancing remains in place and the same will apply to wakes.

"We will continue the pilot events - such as Euro2020 and some theatrical performances. We will monitor the position every day and if after 2 weeks we have concluded that the risk has diminished then we reserve the possibility of proceeding to Step 4 and full opening sooner."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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