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Katie Price Slams Christmas Jumpers Featuring Disabled Son Harvey

Katie Price Slams Christmas Jumpers Featuring Disabled Son Harvey

The reality TV star referred to the products as 'disgusting'

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Katie Price has spoken out against Christmas jumpers and cards that mock her disabled son, Harvey, calling them 'disgusting'.

Christmas goods that say 'Ho Ho Hello You C**ts' on them have been spotted on popular online retailers such as Etsy and eBay. Etsy have now removed the offending products.

The phrase has been used to mock Harvey Price since he appeared on ITV's Loose Women alongside his mum back in 2016 and uttered the phrase when asked about how to deal with the online abuse that he receives.

Harvey was asked what he would say if 'someone said something horrible' to him and replied: "Hello you c**nts."

Forty-year-old reality TV star Katie said: "We think it's absolutely disgusting."

She also tweeted: "Why do people continue to mock my son, if these people met Harvey they would feel disgusted!"


This is in response to a video that shows a man unveiling one such jumper in a restaurant, much to the distaste of several other people in the restaurant.

In the video, a man unzips his jacket to reveal the jumper, which features a cartoon picture of Harvey, who is blind, autistic, and suffers from a genetic disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome.


One of his fellow diners, a blonde woman, appears to be visible repulsed by the crass and offensive garment. She is asked whether she knew that he was wearing the jumper, to which she replies: "No."

After other diners call the jumper 'horrendous', the woman says: "Take it off now, take it off."

All the while, the jumper-wearer continues to laugh and seems unaffected by the disgust of his friends and fellow diners.

Facebook/Warren Richards

This incident led to the discovery of similar products being offered on several online retailers, as well as reviews of the products purportedly by people who have bought them.

One reads: "Brilliant - the quality is great and delivery was quick.

"My husband isn't brave enough to wear it out of the house just yet, but the postman got a treat when he laid eyes on it.

"That's his Christmas bonus taken care of. Thanks!"

A statement released by Etsy said: "We take this very seriously and have removed these items. There is enough hate in the world, and we'd like to keep that out of the Etsy marketplace."

Featured Image Credit: Loose Women/eBay

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