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Top 10 list of ‘world’s coolest neighbourhoods’ includes one location in UK

Top 10 list of ‘world’s coolest neighbourhoods’ includes one location in UK

Time Out has revealed the top 51 'coolest neighbourhoods' in the world and a location in the UK has made the top 10

Time Out has revealed the top 51 'coolest neighbourhoods' in the world and a location in the UK has made the top 10.

Now that the coronavirus pandemic is pretty much over and done with - or did I just speak too soon - there are a lot less travel restrictions in place and subsequently more of a chance to get out and explore the world after a good few years pent up inside your flat, talking to no one other than your cat.

While you may want to travel a bit further than somewhere in the UK, you'll be pleased to know a location in the UK did make the cut on Time Out's annual list of the 'world's coolest neighbourhoods in 2022' released today, 11 October.

The question is, will it be your neighbourhood? Drum roll please.

A UK neighbourhood has made the top 10 of Time Out's 'coolest neighbourhoods' in the world 2022.
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Time Out created the list by asking 20,000 of those who live in cities to give their views via its index survey.

It also considered the opinions of experts from its 'global network of local editors and writers'.

The global magazine stated: "Of course, ‘cool’ is probably the most subjective quality going. But the neighbourhoods we’ve featured below are, simply put, incredible places to be right now. They’re areas with accessible, cutting-edge culture and nightlife; brilliant and affordable food and drink; lively street life and big community vibes.

"They’re distinctive districts that you can walk across in half an hour or less, but could spend a whole day or more exploring. They’re great areas for people to live, visit and stay. They’re places that mix up the best of the old and new schools. Locals love them, and you will too. These are the world’s coolest neighbourhoods right now."

There were 51 neighbourhoods included in Time Out's list.
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Taking the top spot and subsequently having been branded the 'coolest neighbourhood' across the whole globe, is Colonia Americana, Guadalajara, Mexico.

In second place is Cais do Sodré, Lisbon, while Wat Bo Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia bagged third.

The top 10 went as follows:

1. Colonia Americana - Guadalajara, Mexico

2. Cais do Sodré - Lisbon, Portugal

3. Wat Bo Village - Siem Reap, Cambodia

4. Ridgewood - New York City, USA

5. Mile End - Montreal, Canada

6. Barrio Logan - San Diego, USA

7. Shimokitazawa - Tokyo, Japan

8. Cliftonville - Margate, UK

9. Barrio Yungay - Santiago, Chile

10. Cours Julien - Marseille, France

Cliftonville in Margate, UK, earned its solid eighth position on the list of the 'world's coolest neighbourhoods' because it 'buzzes with a different kind of energy' compared to Margate's Old Town which is 'a good old-fashioned British seaside'.

Time Out's Sophie Brown continues: "It’s home to one of the UK’s most thriving artistic communities, largely due to an influx of creative ex-Londoners who’ve flocked to the area’s affordable housing and studio spaces, plus the massive tidal ocean pool at Walpole Bay. The neighbourhood’s spine is Northdown Road, which is a block back from the coast and stretches from the Old Town to Palm Bay.

"Until recently a parade of charity shops and bookies, Northdown is now home to record shops, cafés and conscious groceries, as well as game-changing community-funded venues like queer bar CAMP and gallery Quench."

Cliftonville's highlights? It's fry ups from a local cafe, the Margate Caves, its vintage shops and galleries, as well as the annual and week-long celebration of Margate Pride.

Margate Pride is listed as one of the best things to see in the town.
Chris West Photography/ Alamy Stock Photo

However, Cliftonville isn't the only UK location which made the list.

Coming in at number 11 is Shawlands in Glasgow, in position 17 Walthamstow, London, Manchester's the Northern Quarter came in at 30 and Kelham Island in Sheffield at 35.

So who says you need to hop on a plane to get yourself a cool and exciting holiday packed full of culture? Save yourself the queues and money and get yourself to somewhere in the UK.

Featured Image Credit: Greg Balfour Evans/Richard Hilsden/Alamy

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