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World's Longest Cruise To Set Sail From London For 245-Day Voyage

World's Longest Cruise To Set Sail From London For 245-Day Voyage

Tickets for the trip start at almost £67,000 ($81k)

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

The world's longest cruise is to set sail from London this weekend and embark on a 245-day journey around the globe, stopping at 51 countries in six continents - and tickets start at almost £67,000 ($81k).

Viking Sun is calling their eight-month trip the 'Ultimate World Cruise' and promises to take all 930 guests on the voyage of a lifetime and will fully circumnavigate the globe, 'bringing guests to some of the world's most legendary cities, iconic landmarks and far-flung destinations'.

Tickets for the elite holiday start at an eye-watering £66,900 per person.

The aim is that when it eventually returns to the capital city in May next year, it will have set the Guinness World Record for the 'longest continuous passenger cruise'.

Viking Sun

Before heading off to more exotic locations, guests will dock in some of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK and Ireland, including Belfast, Dublin and Edinburgh.

The line will then make its way over to Scandinavia and the Caribbean before heading to South America and then the tropical islands of the South Pacific.

Travellers will then visit Australia and Asia before making the return leg to Europe and the Mediterranean.

The ship includes two swimming pools, two cinemas, a fitness centre and a LivNordic spa.
Viking Cruises

During the nautical adventure, guests will visit some of the most iconic landmarks, such as the Pyramids of Egypt, Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Onboard guests will be able to enjoy two swimming pools, two cinemas, a fitness centre and a LivNordic spa.

And with a new menu every day of the trip, travellers won't get bored with the food either.

The route for the record-breaking 245-day voyage.
Viking Sun

But if you don't fancy being at sea for such a long time, there are two (slightly) shorter options to choose.

First is the 127 World Treasures journey from London to Los Angeles, which starts this weekend (31 August) and will set you back £41,390 ($50,333) per person.

The second option is the 119-day World Wonders cruise, departing from Los Angeles to London on January 4 2020. That one costs £32,990 ($40,118).

Wendy Atkin-Smith, managing director of Viking UK, said: "We broke our own Guinness World Record in 2014 when we christened 16 new river ships in one day.

"We only launched ocean cruises in 2015, so to already be attempting the world record for the longest continuous passenger cruise four years later is remarkable.

"Everyone at Viking UK is particularly proud and excited that the cruise is setting sail from Greenwich. We can't wait to hear all our guests' stories when they get back."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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