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Man Accidentally Called His Wife 'M***e Face' In Birthday Card Mix Up

Man Accidentally Called His Wife 'M***e Face' In Birthday Card Mix Up

The bespoke card was bought online

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A man ended up sending his wife a card that read 'happy birthday m***e face' in a mix-up with a bespoke card retailer.

Greg Morgan was left stunned when he opened the £3.50 ($4.90) card, which he was planning on giving to his wife Angela.

But instead of the message he intended, which should have read: "Happy birthday to the wife I want to annoy for the rest of my days," the card came with a slightly more offensive message, which was also 100 percent funnier.

The intended card.
Kennedy News and Media

The card showed a photo of a slice of toast, covered in alphabetti spaghetti, which read 'happy birthday m***e face' - a work of art, you could say.

Council worker Greg had tried to purchase a thoughtful but funny card from online retailer Brainbox Candy to ensure Angela, 44, had a 'humorous' card to open on the day.

But the 44-year-old had to shamefacedly explain to the mum-of-one she would have to do without a birthday card as the wrong one showed up - leaving the pair in fits of giggles.

Brainbox Candy apologised for the mix-up and admitted the order 'must have slipped through the net'.

What Angela actually got.
Kennedy News and Media

Greg, from Caerphilly, Wales, said: "When it came and I opened it, I just looked at it and I thought 'oh my god'.

"I know I like to send funny ones but I can't send that one to her, I'd get a massive slap.

"At no point did I want to call my wife m***e face. It's not a word I particularly would ever use if I'm honest, especially round her.

"She puts her cards up on display. Oh my god can you imagine her parents, who are in their 70s, coming round and seeing that? No."

Greg got in touch with Brainbox who apologised and sent out the correct card - but the card arrived after Angela's birthday.

Greg and Angela.
Kennedy News and Media

Greg said: "I contacted the company and I explained the situation to the lady on the phone.

"She apologised and they sent out the original one I wanted."

Mum-of-one Angela Morgan, also a council worker, said she found it hilarious.

Angela said: "I got a happy birthday card, just not the one I was supposed to. He does call me a few things but he doesn't call me that.

"I did think 'does anybody really order that card?'"

Kennedy News and Media

A Brainbox Candy spokesman said: "Really sorry to hear that they received the wrong card.

"We dispatch thousands of funny cards and gifts each year and our customer service and accuracy is renowned.

"We are human, however, so I guess this order must have slipped through the net, so I'm glad that she saw the funny side of it.

"I hope she has forgiven him and if nothing else gets her own back on his birthday! We have some suitable cheeky cards should she like one."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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