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Man Parachutes Off 18-Storey Block Of Flats

Man Parachutes Off 18-Storey Block Of Flats

In true GTA style...

It looks like someone has been playing too much Grand Theft Auto, after footage has emerged of a guy parachuting off a block of flats believed to be in London.

Multiple videos of the incident were shared on social media that show the man jumping off the building, reportedly in Peckham, with a witness heard screaming in the background.

Someone says: "Oh s***," and another person in the background says: "That is wild."

The man can be seen falling what looks like about five floors down the front of the building, before releasing his parachute and floating down towards the people filming. He does a pretty impressive landing and then runs off down the road.

Although I need to stress that this is not safe, probably not legal, and you definitely shouldn't try it at home, people have seen the funny side of something that could potentially have had a very different outcome.

However, many people have said that the guy in question must think he's on the level of Grand Theft Auto and that the South London apartment block is Eclipse Towers.


The clip of the individual, who is still unnamed, was uploaded to Twitter, with the caption: "The mandem have levelled up to parachuting from blocks.

"This is why GTA is rated 18+."

The clip has been viewed and shared to death, because obviously it's not something you tend to see every day.

One person said: "This is real life GTA."

Another wrote: "How are people acquiring parachutes?"

A third joked: "When the lift isn't working and you need to get down in a hurry. Seems legit." Another said: "My heart f***ing DROPPED. I thought somebody was taking their life. Omfg."

Someone else put: "What in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is going on here?"

LADbible has contacted the Metropolitan Police for comment.

Again, this goes without saying, but had the parachute failed, it could have gone very differently - a teenager found this out the hard way earlier this year, when footage showed her first parachute failing after she'd just jumped out of a plane to skydive.

She had a very close call when she was luckily saved by a backup parachute after the first one became tangled at 10,000ft in the air.

She thankfully escaped unharmed.

Featured Image Credit: Snapchat