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'Most dangerous woman in the UK' doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page

'Most dangerous woman in the UK' doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page

The psychopath and sexual sadist lured men to their deaths

True crime obsessives who think they know their Shipman from their Sutcliffe might be intrigued to know the most dangerous women in the UK prison system has flown under the radar - and doesn't even have a Wikipedia page.

While the dangerous and psychopathic sadist's horrifying crimes were well within living memory, her name is largely unknown.

Joanna Christine Dennehy went on a killing spree in 2013 when, over a 10-day period, she murdered three men before dumping their bodies in the Fenland ditches around Peterborough.

The killings were dubbed the Peterborough ditch murders after the Cambridgeshire town where they were committed.

Following her crimes, she went on the run, taunting police and attempting to kill two other people she didn't know.

She taunted the police while on the run.
Geoffrey Robinson / Alamy Stock Photo

Her first victim was Polish national, Lukasz Slaboszewski.

Dennehy had only known the 31-year-old for a few days and he called her his 'English girlfriend'.

It's thought she lured him to a property with a promise of sex before she stabbed him in the heart before storing him in a wheelie bin.

John Chapman, who she killed on 29 March, was her second victim.

The Falklands veteran lived in the same bedsit as Dennehy and was drunk and high when she stabbed him in the neck and chest as she told her accomplice, Gary Richards: "Oops, I've done it again."

They then bundled the bodies into a car before attempting to bury the bodies in ditches around Peterborough.

Dennehy's third victim was her lover and landlord, Kevin Lee.

She stabbed him in the chest on 29 March before dressing him in a black sequin dress and leaving him in a roadside ditch in Newborough.

Joanna Dennehy.
Cambridgeshire Police

Police launched a nationwide manhunt for the killer and used CCTV to track her movements.

Dennehy was caught after two days on the run in Hertfordshire after attacking two dog walkers, John Rogers and Robin Bereza, separately and at random. Both miraculously survived the ordeal.

Judge Mr Justice Spencer presiding over her Old Bailey trial said as he sentenced her: "Within the space of ten days you murdered three men in cold blood. Although you pleaded guilty, you've made it quite clear you have no remorse."

As Dennehy laughed and smirked he added: "You are a cruel, calculating, selfish and manipulative serial killer."

Dennehy joking in custody.

She was ordered to spend the rest of her life in prison and is currently serving her sentence at HMP Bronzefield, making her one of only a few women ever to be given a full life sentence in prison.

Doctors who examined Dennehy before and after her killing spree doctors diagnosed her with a psychopathic anti-social personality disorder as well as paraphilia sadomasochism, which means deriving sexual pleasure from both giving and receiving pain and humiliation.

She plotted to escape by killing a prison guard and using their severed finger to get past biometric security.

Her suicide pact with her former cellmate and now released fiancée, Hayley Palmer, was not successful.

Featured Image Credit: Geoffrey Robinson / Alamy Stock Photo

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