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Mum Uses Ann Summers Lube For Her Son's Slip 'N Slide

Mum Uses Ann Summers Lube For Her Son's Slip 'N Slide

Lisa Burgin decided to use the lubricant to make a Slip 'N Slide for her son to enjoy, claiming that she doesn't need the aid any longer

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Some people would say that using lubricant to boost your child's enjoyment when it comes to a Slip 'N Slide on a warm summer's day is just wrong. Lisa Burgin, however, would call it a 'parenting hack'.

The mum-of-five and her family had been playing in the garden over the weekend when her youngest son Charlie, eight, wanted to cool down.

Fast-thinking Lisa did that thing many mums seem to have the ability to do and pulled something spectacular out of the bag to meet her son's request. But it was in the form of Ann Summers lube.

Concerned? No need - 39-year-old Lisa claims she doesn't need the product any longer because she 'actually fancies her boyfriend this time'.

After trying to make a Slip 'N Slide with a sheet of plastic, water and washing-up liquid, Charlie wanted to go faster.

So Lisa cheekily thought of an adult alternative for added slipperiness - her bottle of Silicone Satin 'Long Lasting' Lube from Ann Summers, which she squirted over the plastic.

Although it improved Charlie's speed, the cheeky mum decided to go one step further and then smothered her son with the gel too.

Lisa Burgin with her son.
Kennedy News and Media

In the video clip of Charlie he can be heard shouting: "It hurts when you go down... it's so sticky," as the adults laugh along.

The sales assistant shared hilarious photos of her antics with this cheeky caption as a way to have a dig at her two ex-husbands: "So yesterday this might have happened. That's one way of using it, seen as though I actually fancy my boyfriend this time."

Wow - that's certainly a bold statement.

Lisa, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, said: "It was an in-joke between us adults. They thought it was hysterical and were impressed by my creativity.

"We tried washing-up liquid and that didn't quite work, so joking with my partner, I said, 'I know what we've got upstairs unused.' The lube was a free gift from Ann Summers. Me and my partner said we'd leave the Slip 'N Slide out and have a go on it later that night but we never did."

TMI, Lisa, TMI.

Lisa Burgin's other children were mortified.
Kennedy News and Media

She continued: "When I told my friends what I'd done they were howling with laughter. We'll definitely be saving the pictures for Charlie's 18th so we can embarrass him."

Lisa had had the bottle of lube sitting in her bedroom for months before she found the perfect use for it.

But when her older kids asked, mortified, where she'd got it from, she had the perfect response.

Lisa Burgin said she had got the lube from her son's bedroom. Pictured 18-year-old son Andrew with Charlie.
Kennedy News and Media

Lisa said: "Charlie was pestering to play in the garden so we used some plastic sheets from the garage to make the Slip 'N Slide.

"At first we pumped some of the lube on the plastic sheeting, then used the hosepipe, but that didn't work too well. Then we put it on Charlie himself.

"He'd got his shorts on and we just put it on him and it made him very slippy. Luckily, Charlie didn't ask what it was, but my older son Andrew did.

"I joked with him and said, 'I got it out of your bedroom, Andrew,' while his girlfriend was sat next to him. He was embarrassed."

Well yes, you'd imagine so.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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