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Aldi Are Selling An Ultra Cheap Slip 'N' Slide

Aldi Are Selling An Ultra Cheap Slip 'N' Slide

Summer just got even more lit

James Dawson

James Dawson

I know what you're thinking: the new Aldi slip 'n' slide doesn't look like it could take anyone other than a small child. It's too short for an adult. And yeah, you'd probably be correct - but in the right hands, I think it could be the key to having the best summer party of the year.

If you were to buy a couple of these things and then fixed them together, then a 488 x 140cm slide could become a 976 x140cm slide. If you were to buy a couple more you could be looking at a 1952 x 140m slip 'n' slide. And make no mistake, that's a lot of slip 'n' slide.

As it retails at just £12.99 ($17), I don't think you need me to keep explaining that if you dare to dream, you could be looking a pretty huge slide to slip yourself down.

Credit: Aldi

At the moment, the majority of the reviews focus on children enjoying the product.

A grandparent from Bedfordshire describes how they picked up the slide for their grandchildren, describing it as 'fantastic value, strong and robust'. Seems as though the kids enjoyed it too, as the review goes on to say: "They had fabulous fun and didn't want to stop."

William from the West Midlands adds: "Bought this for grandchildren. They are having the time of their lives on this. We even had to take it on holiday with us."

Here's what the overall customer ratings look like at the moment:

Credit: Aldi

But as far as I'm concerned, this is only the beginning; there's a whole adult world of fun to be had just as soon as the product comes back into stock. Sadly, it's currently sold out online (although it has been available in store since 23 July).

This isn't the only summer product to have gone viral this summer. I probably don't need to remind you of the now iconic 'Family Lounge Pool' that had an approximate water capacity of 836 litres (221 gallons), and seating with backrests.

Credit: Facebook

A review of the original pool on ASDA's site said: "This Pool is fab! It's a really good size, the built-in seats are really comfy, and I absolutely love the colour! If you buy it you won't be disappointed, as it's awesome!!!"

Sadly the £30 ($39) pool sold out, but an alternative can be found in the Intex Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool, on Amazon for just £36 ($47), and if you're feeling thrifty, then Athlete Shop are flogging one for just £24 ($31).

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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