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Brit shares ‘perfect alternative to central heating’ which costs less than £30

Brit shares ‘perfect alternative to central heating’ which costs less than £30

This woman shared her hack to avoid putting on her central heating.

It's gotten really cold all of a sudden and a lot of us are switching on the heating to fight the frosty conditions.

But obviously that comes at a hefty cost and with the cost-of-living crisis, we're all feeling the pinch.

Some people have started to get resourceful in the hopes of saving a few quid without forfeiting being warm.

One woman claimed she found the 'perfect alternative to central heating' in a TikTok video that has been doing the rounds, and the kicker is it costs less than £30.

Take a look here:

Savvy single mum Placi shared a video showing her purchase, which she joked that 'everyone in the UK' has been ordering as Brits try and stave off putting the heating on.

In the clip, she unboxed a Russell Hobbs 650W Oil Filled Radiator, which costs just £29.99 on Amazon.

The social media user showed her followers how easy it was to assemble, quickly screwing on its wheels before getting it plugged in to raise the temperature in her home.

Placi seemed pretty pleased with her portable heat source, which are ideal for warming up specific spots rather than the whole house - saving you some money.

Placi shared her alternative to turning on the heating on TikTok.
TikTok / @over40placi

Instead of turning on the central heating system and wasting the warm air in rooms your not sat in, you can simply drag the oil filled radiator wherever you need it.

The gadget uses an electrical element to heat up thermal oil inside, before the warmth circulates around the appliance and its metallic panels - heating the air that's already in the room to keep you nice and toasty.

Obviously, oil filled radiators still cost money to run, but some people prefer using one oil filled radiator rather than heating their entire house.

Standard 2,000 watt products use around 2 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy for every hour it's in use, according to Which?

She praised the Russell Hobbs gadget online.
TikTok / @over40placi

It's cost also depends on a few factors - the type of home you live in and level of insulation in the property, the size of room where it will be used, your energy provider, your boiler type, the time it will be used.

People seem pretty impressed by Placi's cost-effective recommendation and shared their thoughts in the comments, although some said they turned out costly in the long run.

One said: "I've got three! They're great to put in a room when you only need heat there."

Another wrote: "It may cost but when it's very cold these may be a life saver. Central heating heats the house. This heats you!"

And a third added: "I see I'm not the only one doing this!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @over40placi

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